10 Best Bike Spots To Check Out This Fall, 2022


When the heat of summer finally begins to tamper off, an enjoyable outdoor activity to try is bike riding. For many cycling enthusiasts, that means finding new spots throughout the United States to explore. If this sounds like something up your alley, consider these 10 best bike spots to check out this fall.

1. Riding Through Historic Boston

At the top of the list, cycling through historic Boston is a must-stop destination for anyone who appreciates history. Whether your group uses bikes for big men or you use other sizes for women or children, Boston is an excellent place to take photos while capturing some of America’s past.

2. Enjoying the Cape Cod Rail Trail

Speaking of Massachusetts bike riding, one spot you will not want to miss is the Cape Cod Rail Trail. With lovely autumn leaves to admire along an old railroad line, you can experience the ocean, forests and marshes- all on the same ride.

3. Cruising Through Shenandoah Valley, Virginia

If you need the weather to be a bit warmer this fall for your bike riding ventures, consider Shenandoah Valley, Virginia. As one of the state’s most well-known bike spots paths in a gorgeous valley, there are many things to see in the area.

4. Visiting Kebler Pass, Colorado

For a top cycling destination out west, consider visiting Kebler Pass, Colorado. When packing for your trip, remember good nutrition for cyclist adventures. Then, take time to gaze into the magnificent aspen trees.

5. Passing Through Kitsap Peninsula, Washington

Another breathtaking area to explore in the US is the northwest. When thinking about different bike riding locations, do not leave the Kitsap Peninsula in Washington state off your list. You will love all of the trees and lakes.

6. Riding Along Katy Trail, Missouri

For fans of the Midwest, Missouri offers the Katy Trail to enjoy. Following along the Missouri River for much of the trail, there are many soothing water views to appreciate.

7. Saying, “Take Me to San Fran!”

If you want the opportunity to check out a city that has unlimited things to do, San Francisco is another solid bike riding travel choice. Consider investing in an every journey bike that will allow you to make the most of your riding.

8. Experiencing Acadia, Maine, on a Bicycle

For a city experience with quite a different flavor, Acadia, Maine, is a worthy consideration. With cooler temps than you will find in many destinations, Acadia has a series of carriage roads and brilliant trees to admire.

9. Seeing the Walkway Over the Hudson, New York

To see a spectacular view of a river, you should not resist riding your bike on the walkway over the Hudson in New York. With the path connecting to Poughkeepsie and Highland, you can see gorgeous fall views.

10. Riding the Farmington Canal Heritage Trail from Connecticut to Massachusetts

Undoubtedly, the northeast is full of excellent bike riding spots. For another one to try, consider the Farmington Canal Heritage Trail that runs between Connecticut and Massachusetts. With a restored museum and a lot of history, there is much to appreciate.

With this list in mind, where do you think your next bike riding adventure will take you? Wherever you decide to go, do not forget your helmet and camera!

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