10 Free Language Learning Apps To Prepare For Study Abroad

Communication is important in every part of life. Especially when you are traveling somewhere out of the country, it helps understand and build interactions with people.

People from different cultures and backgrounds speak different languages. By learning one or more two languages, a person expands the information and power of interactions. However, the cost and expense of several courses are higher. The majority of the people cannot afford it. So the solution is to consider online platforms.

Being multilingual is a blessing. For that, there are steps to go through and become proficient in it. Also, nowadays, free language learning apps are making significant changes and contributing to the digital world. There is no more hassle of going to an institute for learning languages. One can sign up for free apps and enroll in the program.


Importance of Learning Apps for Abroad

There is a value and worth of everything. Learning anything never goes to waste. So if you are planning to move temporarily or permanently abroad, this is crucial to know other languages than the native ones. It helps in many ways, and you would be thankful for the decision.

Other than this, the importance can be identified by seeing and observing the practical results. It seems good to have a certain amount of knowledge regarding the communication aspects.

Benefits of learning foreign languages:

  • Less difficult to communicate.
  • Reduce the chances of getting alone.
  • Easy going with other community people.
  • An opportunity makes a difference in life.

With great ability and learned languages, the overall experience would be different.


Best 10 Free Learning Apps to Study Abroad

Are you traveling abroad shortly? Worried about how to master the other languages? Not a problem. These days there are solutions available for every problem.

Try to find a suitable application that serves the purpose effectively.

Here are some amazing free language learning apps built to make learning and applying it practically easier


1- HelloTalk

This application has many features to facilitate the users. It is a real-time correction app that is used to identify and correct errors. Also, the translation option is amazing for those who don’t know how to put the right word in a sentence. The users can connect with native speakers to enhance the function of learning.

Other features of HelloTalk are:

  • There is a text to voice option.
  • Also, it has the option to pronounce the messages.
  • Users can mark the conversion for the future.
  • For fun activities, doodles are available too.

Therefore, the best thing is to get all the options and make the most of the applications.


2- DuoLingo

Duolingo has around 100 courses. The specialty of this application is allowing the user to join other than native English speakers. There is an option to select the desired language. Not only learning new words of other languages. It offers the learners to speak those words by listening to them.

According to top app developers in the UK, free language learning apps are the rescue for the people who want to learn things and bring change in their life. This application gives accuracy to the users, and they can get the maximum advantage by sampling and signing up for free.


3- MindSnacks

It is a fun learning app. Different games are designed to increase the interest of people. Approximately eight or nine games are useful in understanding punctuation, correct words, and speaking abilities.

In addition, the learning sessions are helpful, and they can be applied to the games later on to test the capabilities. Although initially, the download is free. Further premium version subscriptions are paid. This is a must-download app because it engages the user and, side by side, proves the feasibility to learn the languages too.


4- Bussu

Busuu is named after a certain type of language. It offers a lot to learn in terms of quizzes and games. This application has both the free and paid version. However, the premium application has the option of achieving the certification.

On the other hand, the free version has enough sessions to take advantage of the app. Therefore, it is good to learn such languages that enhance the knowledge and also make things usable.


5- Rosetta Stone

This is a practical application that allows the users to implement the learned techniques. Rosetta Stone is making significant contributions to the language industry. Within a month or two, people can communicate in different languages.

The most amazing thing about this application is that courses are developed in one language. According to the preference, it can be changed into the desired course, like Spinach to French.


6- Memrise

Memrise is among those free language learning apps which have equal opportunities in both free and pro versions. The benefit is to keep the learners engaged by different activities and make the learning experience even better.

It works on the accuracy of words and sentences. Also, this app has an outstanding way to make the person expert in speaking different languages.


7- Babbel

Yet another most remarkable application to improve the learning experience. It has the special feature of speech recognition that focuses on correction and accuracy by listening to spoken words.

The free version has around 15 courses. And the premium has more than 35 courses that are used to train fresh learners.


8- HiNative

From punctuation to translation, everything is available for the users. There are question and answer options. The best thing is not only natives can solve the queries but the learners too. HiNative has a desktop version too to facilitate the learners.

It helps beginners to polish their capabilities and make things functional. This makes the process easier for the learners.


9- TripLingo

The most noticeable factor in a mobile app development company is the voice detector and translator. Just like the name, the app is best for travelers who want to learn foreign languages. It can convert the speech into a different language to make the person clearer about the words.

Although the options are limited in the free version, users can avail up to 15% of resources, but it serves the correct purpose. Also, it has business phrases and safety phrases to improve the function of the learning.


10- How to Pronounce

Many times while speaking, there comes the point where a person has to face embarrassment. This application guarantees to overcome those problems. It has built-in methods to clear the confusion.

The free language learning apps allow the users to offer a variety of functions to improve their abilities. Almost every language is available for learning and can be enhanced with useful options. By putting effort and giving time, the results are amazing with the challenges and achievements.


Say Yes to the New Experience

Also, travelers must be familiar with the applications that provide the solution and make communication better. It is effective to know different languages. This will reduce all kinds of problems. Also, increase and boost the confidence level.

The majority time, this is common practice to assume that there will be a translation facility. But unfortunately, not all applications have that feature. This is why it is important to know about the particular apps that are providing this. Keep learning and improving concepts of different languages and cultures.


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