10 Social Media Content Ideas for your Salon

10 Social Media Content Ideas for your Salon. Internet users spend most of their time on social media platforms and almost every individual is having an account on social media. Therefore, the most valuable internet platforms that you can use for promoting your services are social media platforms, be it Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. Social media is a platform for brands to tell their story and this also helps in online salon booking platforms.

You can utilize these platforms to share behind the scenes, feedback, portray belief using themes, and connect to a deeper level. If you are new to the world of social media for business then there might be a lot of confusion about what to post and what to do to attract customers. Therefore, we have curated the perfect list of inspirational, educational, and entertaining content ideas for your salon, spa, or beauty parlor social media marketing.

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1. Post quotes and memes

Every human loves funny and humorous posts therefore memes and quotes are found to be very relatable to the customers. Add a human side to your page by posting funny, motivational, or uplifting posts in moderation. These are some of the best social media content ideas. Don’t try to forcefully sell the things on your page, try to connect with people using memes, beliefs, and approachable posts. In this time, where the people are stressed, depressed, and lonely, these pictures are a great way to communicate with followers.


2. Promote your team

Your team members are the ones who work closely with the clients and on ground zero. Makeup artists, hairstylists and even cleaning staff get everyone on board. You can use social media to help your customers know them better. Introduce them to your services by sharing scenes, life stories with their preference when it is about trends, makeup, products, hairstyle, and background. You can ask your staff to repost their profile as well.


3. Post before and after photographs

One of the trendy and cool ways to impress your followers is to share before and after photographs of clients with their permission. When a person comes to you she wants to rejuvenate themselves and look beautiful. The shots of haircuts and hair colors are a great way to get likes, comments, and followers. In a better way, you can take their picture without showing their face so that they will be more comfortable.


4. Offer discounts and gifts

Social media is considered to be a powerful tool to generate new leads and genuine clients. You need to make your online community feel special. You can also use your post to promote a counter product that can start giveaways contests or share this post to get 20% discounts and get a free gift to answer this question. Another great way is to ask your followers to tag 3-4 people in your post in order to get discounts or earn bonus points on their first visit.


5. Post testimonials or feedbacks

Testimonials and feedback from your previous clients work like charm. Ask your clients to give feedback on the services and rate you on your social media platforms. The most important thing that interests the client more is handwritten testimonials. You can buy a review book and ask the clients to give feedback here. Click a picture of it and edit if necessary then post it.


6. Host product QnAp

Hosting Q&A sessions or getting live with experts, hairstylists, star workers, and even your clients can help you provide a large number of genuine followers. Even coming live with famous influencers, bloggers and models can work like a charm. Talk about going to products for hair and makeup, get the questions before starting a live session, share valuable content for example how to do minimal makeup and the right haircut at home?


7. Show your workspace

Day by day the workplaces of salons are getting more beautiful and luxurious and organized. Salon owners spend a lot of money on their infrastructure and design. From the aesthetic view to the color of your salon walls work in impressing clients. You should click the aesthetic pictures and videos to post on your social media platforms. You can also make a corner in your salon for customers to click their pictures.


8. Post video content

Video content is now getting more popular than text. Try to be involved in posting promotional videos on your salon’s social media channels. It is found that video content is more engaging and leads to a long-lasting impact on the customers. Try to make those videos that help to increase visibility and genuine clients. You can share the videos of your salon or even promotional videos.


9. Post business communication

This is a great way to get clients. If you are opening your salon or have some available slots in your salon then give a shout out to your social media platforms to book appointments and get genuine customers. This is one of the best social media content ideas in which you can use the salon booking system while posting the content with a promo code or discounts.


10. Share user-generated content

The pictures and posts by people work as a review and people trust more word of mouth than what the brand claims. You can give the content credit if necessary. Repost the content that helps to build trust factor for your brand. You can also connect more deeply with people using a salon hashtag and ask people to tag their salons as well.


Wrapping up

Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are great platforms to promote your services and hustle for free as well as real-time appointments. Use it wisely and social media platforms for salons and work hard in the phase to increase your business revenue.

With these platforms to increase client base you can also consider online salon booking that helps to give your customer information about your services, ratings, pricing, and your availability. Using this, customers can directly book an appointment with your salon if they find it attractive and useful. Therefore, getting listed in such apps is a great way to grow.

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