11 Epic Beach Surfing Spots in the United States To Add to Your Bucket List

Beach Surfing

Beach Surfing

Surfing is the activity of standing or lying flat while riding waves. Surfers ride waves from the oceans or rivers until they break and lose all of their energy. Surfing offers nonstop entertainment throughout the day. Whether they are experienced surfers with years of wave expertise or novices, everyone can find a surfing spots along the U.S coastline

Surfers are good judges of waves, weather, and even the environment. The best beaches for surfing offer the strong waves. Some of the best beach surfing spots in the US are discussed below:

Eleven Great Beaches in the United States for Surfing

1. Cocoa Beach, Florida

North Florida’s Cocoa Beach Pier is a beach that has the best offshore winds from the west. Surfers may be sure that there will be huge waves because it is also the site of an annual competition. This is one of the few excellent spots on both the East Coast and in the South.

2. Huntington Beach California

When it comes to surfing cities, Huntington Beach is a destination for surfers in Southern California. It is even referred to as Surf City USA. One of the best surfing spots in California. It makes use of every available surf and frequently has waves even when other coastal locations are flat.

Winter is the finest season for surfing since larger swells are available and fewer people are surfing during the summer. When the weather is favorable, this lengthy beach delivers some classic hollow waves.

In addition to the Huntington Beach Pier, which hosts the US Open of Surfing, there are surf schools, surf camps, and surf shops in the town center. Every year in late September, Huntington Dog Beach even holds its dog surfing championship. During this championship, you can bring your skillful canine companion to join in the action.

3. Wedge, Newport Beach

Surfers go to The Wedge in Newport Beach because of its incredible power. The Wedge, a region renowned for its shore-breaking waves, is more of an attraction to behold than to interact with. In either case, you must visit Newport Beach to view this location, which has the largest swell in Southern California.

The strong backwash ride, a deep wave that breaks on the shore and goes quickly, is what makes this location famous.

4. Channel Islands Beaches

There are several undiscovered surf places on Channel Island California. Surfing at these spots can be dangerous due to exposed breaks, strong currents, and jagged reefs. Hence we advise only high-level surfers to attempt these waves.

Generally speaking, the south shore islands are better for surfing in the summer and fall when the south swells are there. The north shore islands are better in the winter and spring when the northwest swells are present.

5. San Onofre State Beach

One of the most visited surf spots in California is San Onofre State Beach. It attracts surfers, swimmers, sunbathers, campers, kayakers, birdwatchers, anglers, and cyclists.

Consistent surf can be found at the exposed beach and point break at San Onofre in San Diego County. The best surfing conditions can be found during the summer.

East-northeast winds are the best. The best swell direction is from the southwest, and groundswells account for the majority of the surf in this area. There are breaking reefs to the left and right. Ideal during low tide. It can become packed here when it’s active. Watch out for rocks in the starting line.

6. Pismo Beach

Visit Pismo and take advantage of everything the Central Coast has to offer. This south county beach is a well-known gathering place for local surfers and is only a little more than 15 miles from San Luis Obispo’s lush hills. Additionally, it is renowned for its small-town charm and scrollable beaches.

Pismo Beach has reliable surf, although the ideal time to go is in the winter. For the ride of a lifetime, watch for northeast breezes and northwest swells.

7. Surfrider Beach, Malibu

One of California’s surfing hotspots and maybe North America’s most well-known surf spot is Malibu Surfrider Beach. With the emergence of surfing as a year-round outdoor sport in the 1950s and 1960s, the iconic point break became a well-known surf location.

Over the years, Surfrider Beach also made a significant contribution to the growth of the sport. It’s a captivating location with as many interesting tales as those who have encountered it.

8. Asilomar State Beach, Pacific Grove

A well-liked location for nature hikes, surfing, kayaking, and secluded strolls down the sand after dusk is Pacific Grove’s Asilomar State Beach.

Even though Asilomar State Beach is only one mile long, it contains breathtaking scenery. It also has more natural diversity than most beaches have in 10 or more miles.

Asilomar in Monterey is an exposed beach and reef break with reliable surf that may be used year-round. Southeasterly winds are ideal. The best swell direction is from the west, with waves coming from nearby wind swells as well as far-off groundswells.

It provides a lot of beach-break waves and a steady, safe surf so you can make the most of your time on the water. While skilled surfers appreciate the waves, swimming is far too risky due to the rip currents and rocks in the vicinity. Most guests like strolling along the seaside.

9. Streamer Lane

You may experience the Pacific Ocean’s waves while riding among animals like sea otters or seals at Santa Cruz’s famous Steamer Lane. Surfers used to search for large waves in the “lane” where steamships would approach the wharf. Despite the long-gone steamers, the location continues to draw a large number of surfers.

For skilled surfers, Steamer Lane is categorized into four sections: Indicators, Middle Peak, The Slot, and The Point. Choose Cowell Beach if you’re not used to the waves. You’re guaranteed to have a terrific time whether you choose to surf the winter or summer south waves. Get your surf gear at Cowell’s Beach Surf Shop or O’Neill Surf Shop.

10. Swami’s Beach

San Diego County is home to this well-known surfing location, which offers especially good swells in the winter.

Swami’s Beach, which is near the southernmost point of Encinitas, is open to surfers of all levels. Skilled short- and longboarders will benefit most from the waves’ excellent performance.

11. Windansea Beach

Windansea Beach in the city has variable weather, with waves that can be anywhere from 2 to 10 feet high.

Any tide during the summer will produce the largest waves when there are southwest swells. If you’re just learning to surf, you might be better off hitting the calmer waves around La Jolla Shores. This location is best suited for experienced surfers.


One of the most popular and favored extreme sports in the world today is surfing. Surfers use a surfboard to ride the waves in the sea or ocean. Cardiovascular fitness is one of the many health advantages of surfing.  Surfers can enjoy the best waves from any of the beaches listed in this article. These beaches provide the best surfing experience for surfers.

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