12 Ways to Make Your Living Room More Cheerful

The living room is important and most used in your home. It’s where you spend time with loved ones, watch TV, and relax after a long day. But sometimes, we can get stuck in a rut when decorating our living room space. Decorating your living room can be a daunting task. With so many colors, patterns, and textures to choose from, it’s often difficult to narrow down what will bring the most cheer into your space. We want to make it homey and inviting but also modern and stylish-a difficult balance! But don’t worry! We’ve got some tips for you that are sure to put a smile on your face every time you come home.


1) Choose the Color Palette

Choose a color palette that reflects the space’s natural light and temperature, like softer, cooler colors in the winter; or warmer, brighter tones for summer. Neutral colors are the best starting point for any color scheme. Choose at least two or three shades of the same hue-like light and dark, warm and cool, bright and muted-to create depth in your design. It’s important to consider what type of furniture, decor, and area rugs goes with that color palette before you start shopping!


2) Put a Colorful Furniture

pair up your existing furniture with a piece of brightly colored furniture to add some color to space. Use a statement piece, like a colorful chair or ottoman, in your living room for an impactful addition that will stand out and get you noticed! You can also paint an old chair bright or add colorful pillows to make it feel like home.


3) Retouch the Plain Walls

Plain walls look boring. Re-do the walls with a soft or pastel shade paint to create a soothing, relaxing space. If the walls are already painted in a bold color, you can still use neutral colors like cream or beige for accent pieces and accessories to add some cheer to your living room. One simple way to update an old wall is with wallpaper! It is also an awesome idea for those who want a bit of texture for their walls. If you like the look of rustic wooden framed signs, check out this custom collection by Mulberry Market Designs.


4) Re-Create the Old Windows

change the old windows frame to give space a more fresh and newer feel. Add curtains that match your paint color, or add some plants to make it look like you live in an eco-friendly environment. Painting the window frames in a cool shade of blue will also give the space a welcoming feel. The living room is one of the main areas in your home, and it should be full of color, positivity, and happiness! Also, putting flower boxes in the windows or adding a pot of petunias to the window ledge will give your living room an added pop of life.


5) Paint Your Ceiling White or Sky Blue

The ceiling is the most important and most ignored part of your home. This is where you get the most light, and it should be painted a bright, cheerful color to reflect that. Painting your ceiling white or sky blue will give off an airy vibe and make everyone happy! Also, painting only the panels of your ceiling will give you a modern look.


6) Rugs for Pattern and Color

Rugs are one of the cheapest and easiest ways to make your room feel more cheerful. Liven up a wood floor or add some color on white carpet with an area rug! Layer the ivory rugs with a round shag rug for a luxurious look. For a more modern atmosphere, try an ikat or chevron pattern rug, and for something more traditional-looking, go with a floral rug in colors like navy blue, reds, oranges, and yellows. Besides, color rugs are sure to cheer up the room and make you feel happier.


7) Bold Floor Lamp

Lamps look stylish and will instantly make your room feel modern. If you have a space in need of light, try an industrial floor lamp with a clear bulb for more vibrant lighting! Lamps are also great at adding some color to the dark corners of your living area and can create that lively atmosphere we’re going after.


8) Bring Flowers In

Flowers are fresh and colorful. They add life to any room. Bringing flowers home has many positive benefits. For example, they add beauty to the room and also create a warm atmosphere. Besides, flowers are the most awesome way to energize your home. Place a vase with fresh flowers In the center of the coffee table or the living room corner.

Moreover, if you can’t find fresh flowers daily, bring faux flowers. They look fresh and are durable. Plus you don’t have to change it daily.


9) Plants are Life

No part of the home is complete without plants. And most of all, they are never too much. The more plants in your home, the more fresh and elegant your home will look. Like flowers, bringing plants to your living room will make it fresh, cheerful, and lively. Choose indoor plants and place them at certain places. Place one at the side of the door. Put some small pots on the Tv trolley. Also, corners are no longer an exception to the plants. Also, keep some plants outside the living room windows of your living space. Place a small pot there, too, to create asymmetry in your living room.


10) Bring Something Antique to Your Living Room

Bringing something new to your living room is one way to create a cheerful atmosphere. If you have old books or an antique clock, bring them to the living area and place them in a special corner. For example-a small table next to the sofa with cushions would be excellent as a reading corner at night. Hanging a large mirror on the living room wall to reflect light and add an antique touch is the most fabulous decor idea.


11) Add Some Bright Colors

Sometimes you may not need new furniture or expensive decorations-you can create a cheerful atmosphere by adding some bright colors into your interior decorating plan. You can paint the walls in different green, blue, purple, or pink tones or bring in some bright shade accessories and accent pieces. Another way to add bright colours, is to hang curtains with vibrant colour tones. You can select from this black friday curtain deals with up to 70% discounts . Here, they offer a wide variety of luxurious curtains that will add a touch of class to your space. 


12) Change the Lighting

Do you have an old and outdated chandelier hanging from the ceiling? If so, it is time to replace it with a new one or add some stylish sconces to your living room walls. You can also purchase floor lamps-they are perfect for boosting mood in any space. They are also perfect for reading or doing some hobby.


At the Last

It’s time to spruce up your living room and make it a space you are proud of. RugKnots is the perfect place for adding color, style, and personality with rugs that will tie together all of the other elements in your home! We carry dozens of styles, from traditional oriental pieces to modern designs with pops of bright colors to match any taste or decor. Our customer service team would love nothing more than to help you find just what you need, so head over today and get started on creating an inviting space for yourself where guests always feel welcome, too!

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