2021 Kia K5 Listings in Wichita: How to Find Your Ideal Vehicle

Kia k5

Known as the “Air Capital of the world,” Wichita is the birthplace of some famous brands like White Castle food chains and Pizza Hut. The prices of new cars have been on the higher side due to global inflation. Hence, many people have turned to pre-owned cars. The vast difference between the demand and supply of used cars has led to an increase in the price of used cars.

Kia is one of the oldest Korean car manufacturers known to make quality cars. Kia K5 is a good sedan with impressive looks and solid performance. If you plan to buy a Kia car, searching in 2021 Kia K5 listings in Wichita can take you one step closer to your dream car. Here are a few tips and guidelines to follow to find your ideal vehicle in car listings.

Look at Vehicle Specifications Closely

The car listings provide important information about the car that helps you decide. Most people look at the engine, transmission, safety features, interior features and then send their interest to the car dealer. Here are things you need to check in each section.

Engine and Transmission


The company provides two engine options for the K5 sedan. The 1.6L Turbo 4-cylinder engine is standard in LX, LXS, GT-LINE, and EX variants. On the other hand, the 2.5L Turbo 4-cylinder engine is only offered in the top variant, which is GT. Therefore, when looking at the engine in the K5, you should pay attention to its specifications.

The 1.6 L Turbo 4-cylinders generate [email protected] rpm and 195 lb-ft of torque, while the 2.5L Turbo engine generates [email protected] rpm and 311 lb-ft of torque.


 The variants with a 1.6L Turbo engine come with 8-speed automatic transmission, while the 2.5L turbo engine is paired with the 8-speed dual-clutch transmission. The dual-clutch transmission uses two separate clutches for even and odd gears. Some advantages of dual-clutch transmission are high precision in gear shift, smooth shifting of gears, and better fuel economy.

Convenience and Comfort Features

Recent census data suggests the median household income of Wichita residents is around $52,620. Everyone wants to buy a car that offers maximum comfort and convenience features. The Kia K5 comes with several interior and convenience features. These features are different for variants. You need to closely look at the features to get an idea of what you are getting at a certain price or whether you might be required to get some comfort features fitted after purchasing the car, which is an added expense. Here are some of the convenience and comfort features available in 2021 Kia K5 listings in Wichita.

  • 8” touchscreen with Bluetooth technology
  • 6-speaker AM/FM/HD Radio audio system
  • USB charging ports (front tray)
  • Electronic parking brake
  • Remote engine start
  • Rear occupant alert
  • Dual-zone full automatic temperature control

These are some of the standard convenience and comfort features offered in most variants. Make sure these features are listed as working in the car listings.


When buying a car, you need to consider the distance you will travel every week or month and the fuel economy. Not all cars in the market are fuel-efficient but Kia K5 is has a good fuel economy. The K5 delivers an impressive mileage of 29 mpg city/38 mpg highway.

Passenger Capacity and Payload

The Kia K5 can seat five passengers comfortably. The maximum payload capacity of the sedan is around 1,126 lbs. The maximum payload capacity is an important specification to look at. It tells you how much load the sedan can carry safely. If you have a small family comprising 4-5 members, including small children, the Kia K5 might be the perfect family car.


Seats play an important role in comfort during the journey. Hence, you should look at the specifications of the seats inside the K5. The LX and LXS variant has sloth seat trim, while the higher-end variants like EX and GT get leather seat trim. The leather seats are more comfortable and give your car’s interior a rich feel. However, the price of the car gets higher with premium materials used in the interior.

When buying a car, you need to achieve a perfect balance between budget and features. Your primary focus should be getting all essential features at the best possible price. You can consider luxury features like leather seat trim when you have essential features covered, but your budget permits buying more.

Safety Features

Accidents can happen anytime and to anyone, even when you are careful on the road. Wichita city, which is part of Sedgwick County in Kansas State, has a high accident rate, which is a big concern for the residents. As per 2018 accident data, around 85 people lost their lives in car accidents in Sedgwick County.

While you cannot control the conditions that cause accidents, you can certainly protect your loved ones from getting hurt by focusing on safety features when buying a car. Some of the safety features you need to look for are dual front advanced airbags, side curtain airbags, and driver’s side knee airbags.

These are things you need to look at Kia K5 car listings to find your ideal vehicle.

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