America’s Addiction To Social Media – Why We Should Be Concerned

the use of algorithms in today’s world

According to studies of psychologists, 10% of Americans on average have social media addiction. It is concerning because the use of algorithms in today’s world of social media has grown at the most exponential rates in the context of lifespan. Moreover, the constant obsession with checking and scrolling through social media websites turned into huge famous activities in the last decade. However, the usage of social media for most people is not problematic. Still, a minimum percentage of users who are addicted to social media hold on to compulsive use.…

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Buildings and Design are Transforming the Urban Landscape

Buildings and Design

Seattle Architects are Building On Their Experience Urban landscapes are changing, and the new design of each building is making that change faster and more drastic. While cities are growing, and the urban centers are becoming more populated and covering more space vision to life. the way in which buildings are being designed is creating an even more drastic change to the skylines. Modern Vision Comes to Life Home Seattle is building upon its decades of experience and creating new ways to approach design. Each home is created to fit…

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4 Ways to Bring Smart Technology into Your New Home

Smart Technology

Moving into a new place is an exciting experience, alongside it being nerve-wracking. There’s just so much to think about and do. This usually creates a lot of anxiety in new homeowners when wondering what their next step should be. Should you purchase your furniture first? Or have your home painted? Should you order the strains you’ve always wanted to have? Or should you buy smart home devices to make your home tech-savvy? In order to cultivate a way of life that not only encourages better mental wellbeing but more…

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