What is the role of HR professionals in an organisation?

HR Professional

Wherever you look towards within the corporate landscape, human resource management (HRM) professionals are at the heart of any company. They are responsible for maintaining entire employee life cycles and ensuring that the company reaches its annual goals. As a masters in human resource management programmed would iterate, HR professionals fulfil complex responsibilities within an organization. While their role remains largely flexible and overlapped with business management tasks in smaller companies, they have distinct jobs in larger businesses. Today, you can find an HR department in practically every company across…

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Warcraft: addiction or normal hobby?

Playing game

Even if you are far from the world of gaming, you must have heard of World of Warcraft at some point. There are lots of active subscribers, it has many open servers and won many awards. With every release WoW still boasts a growing number of gamers. WoW is a classic MMORPG, which is still getting updates, improvements, and has a fanbase of over a million players. The cost of the game is relatively inexpensive, so it is accessible to a wide range of gamers. People can buy it or…

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Bill Smith And His Career Journey From Coffee to Consulting

A picture of a cup of coffee being brewed like the Royal Cup Coffee.

When it first began, it wasn’t simple. But over time, Royal Cup Coffee has been shaped into what it is today. Starting any new company can be difficult, but it eventually pays off with hard work, quality customer service, and determination. Furthermore, it is worth the while, especially when looking at where Royal Cup Coffee started and what it has become today. The story starts with Henry T. Batterton and horse-drawn wagons in 1896 in Birmingham, Alabama. The company was known as Batterton Coffee Company, but the name was changed…

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Elijah Norton: How Company Values Drive Business Success

A picture of team members working at their desk at a company that has set strong company values

Elijah Norton, the founder, and CEO of Veritas Global Protection, a highly renowned and respected outfit in the vehicle protection plan industry, reveals that a company stands on the strength of its core values.  In a recent interview, Norton mentioned that strong company values form the keystone for all businesses to achieve success and sustain their growth and stay competitive in their respective niches.  Elijah Norton Veritas Global Protection: the Core Company Values The core values that keep Veritas Global Protection together and help it grow include transparency, innovation; responsiveness;…

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