How to Achieve the 3Ps of Customer Service?

customer service

Most business people tend to focus only on the sales numbers and not on how well their product or service is being marketed. Or even what their customers think of them post-purchase. Such entrepreneurs forget an essential ingredient of success for their businesses. This concerns customer service. Please understand that how you handle your customers matters most in your business.  Statistics show that 81% of consumers say a positive customer service experience boosts their chances of making other purchases. On the other hand, 95% of all consumers regard customer service…

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Significance of User Interface design

user interface design

User Interface design is a layout for the machines, internal parts of mobile and computers, software, home appliances, and other technical devices focusing on style and looks. People structure UI design for the users to enjoy, which turns out pleasurable to them. This design is where designers come in contact with different designers and their designs. With the help of UI design, designers can even create customised designs depending on the needs and choices of their clients. The interaction or relation between the users and the product is generally considered…

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Benefits of Consulting a Brand Strategy Agency

brand strategy

Brand strategy refers to a concrete plan that helps a business boom. It is not a holy grail to growth or a shortcut to expanding the business. But it can have several benefits in the long run. A well-planned brand strategy helps the business understand its customers and build an everlasting relationship with them. Before we discuss the benefits of hiring a brand strategy consulting agency, let us first understand what brand strategy means. What is a Brand Strategy? A brand strategy is a well thought long-term plan that helps…

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Benefits of Borrowing Calculator

emi calculator

You may quickly determine the amount you are eligible for and the tenure you consider using the Borrowing Power Calculator. Using borrowing calculator, you may rapidly calculate your expected monthly instalments for loan repayment. This eligibility calculator allows you to estimate your total interest obligation after the loan period and determine your eligibility. This contains an amortisation schedule that displays the principal and interest amounts that make up each payment (EMI). Thanks to its user-friendly design, customers can easily use and understand it. You can assess using a user-friendly graph…

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6 Things to Consider When Selecting Proxies for Market Research


A lot of organizations have gone through the digital transformation and are now operating online. And although running an online business brings a new world of opportunities, it also results in the competition growing exponentially. Keeping an eye on the competition is one of the best ways of remaining relevant and competitive. It also helps you to think twice before making any decision since you need data to improve your decision-making. Organizations rely on their ability to use market research for their benefit. But what is market research? It’s the…

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Six essential factors to consider before choosing an office desks

work desk

Employees work for almost a third of their lives. That’s a lot of time, and how they spend that time is essential. Studies have proven that the physical workstation can affect various factors, including employee satisfaction, productivity, and creativity. Office desks are a critical component of that workspace and can be an effective tool for achieving professional objectives. The earliest encounters with the working world typically occur at a desk. Employees gain productivity, time management, and professionalism from there. They establish the tone for professional lives and can significantly affect…

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