3 Things To Consider Before Buying The Right Baby Sleep Gowns

When it comes to buying baby staples, clothes and accessories make a significant segment on the chart. With newborn clothes, you will come across versatile options from rompers to onesies and even pyjamas. However, undeniably your baby’s comfort is what matters the most. On that note, it is super essential to find the appropriate nightwear as your babies will spend most of their time sleeping. Breastfed babies who get fed often every two to three hours need to get at least 14 hours of sleep every day. Newborn gowns which can serve your baby till they turn six months old offer comfort and the right amount of warmth they will need to sleep during the day.


Benefits Of Baby Gowns

Baby gowns are sometimes mistaken for bodysuits. However, there is a significant distinction between the two. While bodysuits and onesies offer a 100% snuggle fit and come with zipping or button closure to keep the baby in a secured shell-like environment, gowns allow more comfort.

Unlike bodysuits, baby gowns have a bottom closure and have a little loose fitting on the bottom to allow your baby to enjoy stretching or moving their legs. With that said, gowns best suit younger babies, usually those between zero to five months, as there is always space to kick out their legs and have some physical activity going on.

Gowns are also convenient for nighttime diaper changes as they come with an easy closure during a massive blowout. Especially during hotter days, gowns are the best to buy as they are lightweight, comfortable and offer a longer closure to fit with long sleeves to ensure daytime sleep. It can also double up for

Things to Remember

As newborn gowns extend below the waist and cross the crotch, they offer optimal warmth during cold days and nights. On the flip side, since they have enough space and do not fit the body very tight, they allow air circulation, making it suitable for Australian summer or morning sleep.

Unlike the common misconception, baby gowns are not just for baby girls. Most brands today manufacture unisex baby gowns with warm and subtle tones to suit both genders. Though the benefits are many, buying the right one will let your kid enjoy all of them.

The size

Buying a size that appropriately fits your baby might not be the thumb rule when it comes to gowns. When buying baby gowns, it is necessary to ensure that the bottom has enough room space to serve its actual purpose. So, always look for a size in which your baby can move hassle-free and feel comfortable.

The Fabric

With baby clothes, the first factor to consider is fabric and not the style or pattern. Especially with gowns, you will have a variety of options from cotton to polyester. Though cotton seems like a go-to option, you might be mistaken that you provide your baby with the safest fabric. Regular cotton fabrics are typically the non-organic type that comes with multiple downsides. From involving the usage of harmful chemicals, dyes to polluting the environment, non-organic. However, organic cotton baby gowns are becoming desirably popular these days and are undoubtedly the safest on your baby’s skin.


It is always better to avoid putting a lot of money into baby clothes to buy the trendiest fabric or a pattern that seems appealing. However, if you are ready to invest extra, buying organic baby gowns is a sensible choice.

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