4 Areas in Your Office You Should Clean First


We always talk about cleanliness in our office environment. However, most of us don’t realize how impactful this is on ourselves. Maybe because we’re too busy thinking about it. Besides, when we try to think about cleaning our offices, we often leave out the thought of where and how we should begin. In this article, you will learn what areas in your office must be cleaned first. This will help your cleaning be manageable and easy.

Reception Area

The reception area or the office lobby is the first place in your office that people see. It establishes a company’s first impression. It determines the level of professionalism in your company. We’ve all heard that popular expression, “don’t judge a book by its cover,” and having a clean and tidy welcome sets the tone. How can you expect potential clients to employ you if they are greeted with clutter and foul odors when they arrive to see you? This post will discuss the most important and simple things you can do to keep your reception area clean.

The majority of commercial cleaners that specialize in office cleaning also provide receptionist services. One of the commercial cleaners is Luce Maintenance Group. You can visit https://sg.lucemg.com/services/office-cleaning to see if you might like to hire them for cleaning your office reception. They also offer a lot of office cleaning services that you may also need. Cleaning your office guarantees that it is tidy and ready to welcome guests, clients, contractors, and staff the next day.

Work Area

When it comes to your workplace, initial impressions and aesthetics are crucial for both customers and staff. Workplaces are more than just necessary, as they also express the company’s culture and ideals. As a result, whether it’s a medical clinic, a creative firm, or any professional service, how you organize and exhibit your workplace should be a top concern.

The cleanliness of your workstations determines the productivity, morale, and good health of your employees. If these areas are left uncleaned, productivity might decrease, the morale of your employees in terms of discipline and cleanliness will not grow, and they could often get sick, leading to absences that will highly impact the overall business performance of your company.

Washroom & Bathroom

First, washrooms and bathrooms are next to the areas that must be cleaned first. They are where people do their hygiene and clean themselves. Without these areas, proper hygiene can’t be practiced by your business employees, which can lead to them getting ill. To keep themselves clean to avoid getting any kind of disease, people need to have good hygiene practices and clean the bathroom. With clean washrooms and bathrooms, you are promoting a healthy work environment with good air quality, leading to the improved health of your people.


In most businesses, a filthy office kitchen is an ongoing fight. It’s really upsetting when certain employees fail to take responsibility for their role in the office cleaning, leaving a mess for the rest of the staff to clean up. Disgusting old tuna cans, nasty plates, and food splattered all over the benches are all quite annoying!

Employees may be forced to have lunch at their desks if the office kitchen is uncomfortable, which is known to raise the risk of disease given the large number of bacteria on workplace office equipment. As a result, having a well-maintained and clean kitchen is in the best interests of managers and employees.

For a variety of reasons, it’s critical to keep the kitchen clean because an unclean work environment produces an uncomfortable working atmosphere and may have an influence on employee happiness; visitors to your business will be left with a negative impression; and foodborne infections or accidents from slipping on damp flooring might put people’s health and safety at risk.

If you’ve noticed, the reasons why these office areas are the first places that must be cleaned are quite common to each other: decreased productivity, bad impressions on clients or customers, and health issues. Despite that, if the cleanliness in these areas is properly maintained, the benefits are also common to each other and usually just the opposite of the bad effects. Maintaining cleanliness, not just in our offices, must always be maintained. A clean environment does not only impact our physical health alone; sometimes it affects our mood and brain functions, probably because of the stress uncleanliness may bring to us. May this post encourage you to stay clean and safe in your office environment, while also inspiring you to influence others to do the same.

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