5 Benefits of EMS Training for Your Body

EMS Training

There are a lot of excuses out there why it is okay to not stay fit. First of all, people sit way too much, and prolonged sitting is definitely the worst position to be in. It makes your body weak in all the right places. In addition, with the advent of fast food it is now easier and cheaper to get excess calories than ever before. In an answer to this the fitness industry has become one of the most rapidly developing out there on the market. This is for a good reason; the exercise methods and tools, and even software for online personal trainers are becoming more and more sophisticated and therefore, more efficient. If you are looking to stay fit and do so in a very short period of time, there is a way to do just that. Here are five benefits of EMS training for your body.

More strength

Electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) training is a highly effective tool used for building both muscle and strength. This tool dates back to the 80s where it was used by highly trained athletes in Russia in order to help boost their strength. It is also becoming more popular in Australia as well, with the fitness industry rapidly growing at nearly $2 billion. This amazing tool works by sending electrical impulses to the muscles, which engenders muscle contractions which is the same end result as having performed an exercise. This means that EMS allows you to perform isometric muscle contractions anywhere in the body, with total control over the intensity and intervals. This can greatly help build strength by as much as 40% in the first nine weeks. Isometric contractions have been shown to be a great strength builder. Because by overcoming isometrics it is possible to break through a sticking point in training or potentiate dynamic movements such as very intense sprints. The initial muscle contractions will have a tremendous carryover to your other exercises whether that is weightlifting movements or intense cardio exercises. The best part of building strength in this way, is that it is extremely time efficient and safe. If you plan to reap these amazing benefits make sure to check out EMS Training in Melbourne.

Faster recovery

Most people believe that it is the intensity of the workout that determines success with achieving certain fitness goals, and weight loss. However, this is only part of the picture. One of the most important aspects of training is the recovery process that follows it. This is a period where muscles rejuvenate and grow back stronger. However soothing this might seem, recovery doesn’t mean you should sit around and do nothing. That is not the optimal way to go about recovering from an extremely intense session. In fact, the fastest way to recover and get back to training safely is by doing active recovery. EMS tools are great in this regard as they can be adjusted to send very mild impulses, which can promote light muscle activation without causing additional fatigue. This will increase blood circulation and will help you get rid of lactic acid buildup, which will eliminate any muscle soreness that you might have. Now you can head into your next workout feeling better than ever.

No more cramps

We have all experienced muscle cramps which can be quite painful. In a study, EMS protocols have been used on a group of 19 athletes who were all experiencing muscle cramping at least once a week. In the following six weeks, electrical muscle stimulation was applied to the affected muscles and the results were incredible. The frequency and severity of muscle cramps was drastically reduced by as much as 78% compared to the period before the protocol was applied.

More force output

One of the key aspects of strength is creating a massive force output. Most people would be surprised to know that they are actually physically much stronger than they think. This is because in order for the brain to send a signal for creating a powerful muscle contraction there has to be sufficient stability. This mostly comes from creating enough intra-abdominal pressure (IAP). The only problem is that most people do not have strong enough core muscles in order to create that much pressure. EMS is a fantastic method for creating total core tension and it teaches a person how to properly use these powerful stabilizing muscles to create proximal stability and unleash tremendous distal mobility.

Fix imbalances

One of the leading causes of injuries is the prevalence of severe muscle imbalances. This is hardly surprising since most people spend their time sitting in mechanically disadvantageous positions creating imbalances which contribute to things such as lumbar lordosis, lower-crossed syndrome and even scoliosis. However, this can be easily corrected if enough muscle stimulation is applied. EMS training has a superior advantage here because it activates the muscles symmetrically and it is great for eliminating any incorrect movement patterns while training.

The fitness industry always has something new to bring to the table. However, rarely has there been a more sophisticated and versatile tool such as EMS devices. This amazing training method will do wonders for your overall health and fitness. It helps you build more long-term strength. Active recovery is also much more realistic using this tool. It eliminates any muscle cramps. Moreover, it can help you unleash more strength instantly and it will fix any imbalances.

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