5 Common Laser Eye Surgery Myths Busted

If you struggle with short or long-sightedness, it is impossible that you haven’t heard of laser eye surgery or what we call LASIK. If it is getting difficult for you to decide whether to get it done or not, don’t worry. Don’t believe what you read on the online platforms as they confuse you even more in getting the surgery done. 


The top eye specialist in Lahore says that there is tons of information that has been spread all over the internet. However, LASIK surgery is one of the safest options to opt for while operating eyes. Almost 100% of the patients achieve 20/20 vision after the surgery. The misconceptions that are already spread include “laser will hurt me” and “if I move too much my surgery will be messed up.” 


The doctors reassure the patients about the procedure and the aftermath but it is very important for the patient themselves to read about the laser and how it works. If you are interested to know the facts and the misconceptions, keep on reading. 


Myth 1: I am too old for laser

To consider getting laser surgery you are never too old. People who are above the age of 60 also get this surgery done. However, there’s no guarantee if the laser will suit a person or not. But, this condition is applied both to young and old people. 


If seen generally, the vision for most people gets stabilized at the age of 20 to 30. People falling in this age bracket are the best ones to get laser done. As the age increases and you reach your fifties it gets a little complicated as the risk of dry eye increases. But this doesn’t mean that surgery will not work. A number of people who were above the age of 60 and even 70 have shown amazing results to LASIK. 


Myth 2: It doesn’t work for people with short-sightedness

Laser surgery does require a specific thickness of the cornea to work. But if we look at the demographic its is quite vast. The treatable prescription starts from +4 till -10.  In this range, almost 95% of patients stand. There also is kept a safety margin for the tissues of the eyes while performing the surgery. 

During the consultation, all these factors are considered. And if due to some reasons you come under that 5% of people there are other options that you can opt for. There are lenses now available as a result of new technology which can be implanted in the eyes. But if seen from hindsight a huge number are eligible for laser surgery.  


Myth 3: The burning smell scares me!

It is very much true that there comes a weird smell when the procedure is taking place. But this is not a burning smell. There is no heat involved in this process that could burn as such. The real reason behind the smell is the reaction that occurs when the laser comes in contact with the cornea. 

The smell comes when the carbon atoms are released into the air. But it only happens at a microscopic level. This proves that laser is one of the top procedures available for people in need, which works with so much precision and accuracy.  


Myth 4: Laser hurts

The laser doesn’t hurt as there is a number of numbing drops available that are used to numb in a way that you don’t feel anything at all. These drops are put in the eyes 15 to 20 minutes before the surgery. LASIK does make you feel a little bit of pressure on your eyes while the procedure takes place. But it never hurts. This procedure is painless


Myth 5: If I blink, it’s going to be messed up

There are special flashlights set for you to look into during the whole procedure takes place. This procedure is so fast that you barely should feel it happening. It is faster even more than the blink of an eye. Human eyes move at 300 meters per second but the laser does 500 times. 

If you move your eyeballs from left to right the laser would still be able to track them. 


Final Thoughts

LASIK is a very safe procedure to go for. There’s no need to worry about the pain or the burning smell. All this is part of the procedure. Study and get the relevant knowledge and decide for yourself if you need it or not. 

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