5 South Delhi Attractions You Cannot Miss

Lotus Temple

There is a specific charm associated with the capital city of India. Its appeal is unlike the fast-paced lifestyle of Mumbai or the old-world ambiance of Kolkata. The true beauty of Delhi lies in its power to cater to individuals with diverse tastes and sensibilities. So whether you are an art lover, a history enthusiast, or a devout shopper, Delhi would never fail to amaze you with its vibrant spirit.

Furthermore, the southern part of New Delhi houses swanky malls, glitzy nightclubs, and some of the most wealthy residential vicinities. It is situated far from the crowded streets usually associated with West and North Delhi. Additionally, if you delve deeper, you will be astounded at the plethora of hidden treasures that South Delhi offers.

So if you intend to visit Delhi anytime soon, do not forget to explore these top attractions in the southern part of the capital city via booking a taxi service in Delhi.

Lotus Temple

The list of top attractions of South Delhi is incomplete without mentioning the picturesque Lotus temple. It is an ideal getaway if you seek a break from the hustle and bustle of city life. Its unique structure gives it the appearance of a floating lotus encompassed by a neatly manicured park.

People from far and wide visit this place to take a stroll down the lawns, take beautiful pictures for their Instagram or spend some time in the quiet while self-introspecting inside the prayer hall.

Purana Qila

Purana Qila, also known as Old Fort, is another mesmerizing place in South Delhi. While the walls and gateway were laid by Mughal king Humayun, the fort was given its existing shape by Sher Shah Suri. A remarkable 28,300 sqm lake encompasses the 16th-century fort.

Also, to get a better sightseeing experience, you must combine your trip to Purana Qila with the National Zoological Park nearby and return in the evening to glimpse Ishq-e-Dilli, the dazzling light and sound show displayed at Purana Qila. The chronological events unfolding in the dimly illuminated premises of the palace surely make up for a surreal experience.

Humayun’s Tomb

If you are fascinated by the intriguing history of the Mughal era, Humayun’s Tomb is the perfect place to visit in South Delhi. Constructed in the 1560s by Mughal Emperor Humayun’s senior widow Bega Begam, it was India’s first garden tomb. It was likewise one of the initial specimens of Mughal architecture in India and went on to be an inspiration for other well-known Mughal monuments.

Dilli Haat

South Delhi is widely celebrated as a shopper’s heaven. Thus a compilation of top locations to visit in South Delhi can’t exclude the dynamic Dilli Haat. Even if you are not a shopping buff, the striking colors and vibrant aura of Dilli Haat will enchant you. Food lovers can also relish sampling drool-worthy cuisines at different stalls from diverse parts of India.

Hauz Khas Village

Hauz Khas Village, also known as HKV, is the perfect epitome of everything you associate with South Delhi. It is the flawless amalgamation of Delhi’s magnificent past and alluring present.

The historical allure is balanced by a dose of lush nature at the adjacent Deer Park. As the sun sets, you can enter numerous cafes, pubs, and restaurants dotting the streets of Hauz Khas Village to enjoy the magnificent South Delhi nightlife.

From the serene surroundings of the Lotus Temple to the vibrant complex of Dilli Haat, South Delhi presents plenty of recreational opportunities. So why wait? Rent a car from Delhi with an experienced driver and get ready to explore South Delhi now!

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