5 Things Every Business Should Consider Before Moving Offices

Moving offices

Moving the offices of any business is a very detailed and complicated process, with many different things to consider. Five of the most important factors to consider include the cost of the move, the location that you will be moving to, the effort and time that will be spent completing the move and how it will be done, who and when will the new site be set up and functional, and the act of moving everything.

The Cost

When moving your business to a new office, there are several costs to consider. This will include obvious expenses such as renting a moving van or hiring some Westchester movers to do the job. The deposit on the new location, whether it will be bought or leased, staff working on making the move a success, and any lost time while business is closed. In addition to these obvious costs are hidden costs such as any deposits for utility companies, the cost of the utilities at the new location compared to the last and how that will affect the budget going forward, and any changes to the insurance fees that will occur.

What to Look for in a New Location

Selecting a new location is a difficult task. It should be close to the services you need and have enough space for all of your current staff and new staff that will be required. In addition, it must have room for all of your equipment and desk space and any conference spaces that you require. Look for an area that will be easily accessed for your clients and with enough parking for staff and customers.


The preparations for a move will take a considerable time investment. Everything must be packed carefully, and there may be additional staffing costs or overtime hours to complete the packing. If you’re moving a lot of items and equipment, it may be wise to get shipping containers to keep everything organized. It will also be necessary to change the address on any business cards, the website, and the utility companies. If moving a distance that requires a new phone number, this will also need to be changed.

The Move Itself

It is necessary to determine which moving company to use, how much it will cost, how long it will take, and who will supervise the loading of the items as well as the unloading at the new location. Each piece of equipment will need to be carefully moved and installed to where it will be used in the new offices, as once the moving company has left, it will be harder to move items.

Setting Up the New Office

It will take time to settle into new offices, unpack all the necessary equipment, supplies, and any paper files that remain. Therefore, it is essential to budget both the time and the cost of setting the new offices up, as well as extra time for other work tasks as there is an adjustment period where things will take longer until everyone is settled and has their space set up the way that works best for them.

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