5 Tips On How to Be Safer On Your Bike

5 Tips On How to Be Safer On Your Motorized Bikes

 Although riding a bike has a lot of health benefits, including improved cardiovascular fitness and joint mobility, it is necessary to ensure safety even while enjoying your ride. Avoiding moving cars and motorcycles while cycling can be challenging; however, here are a few tips to keep you safer on your bike.


  1. Always wear a helmet: Although a helmet wouldn’t guarantee you 100% safety

  2. , it is still advisable to have it on every time you go for a ride. It is even more critical if you are a beginner; you want to protect your head whenever you fall mistakenly in order not to sustain any injuries. Apart from a helmet, make sure you get other safety kits like the Knee pad and the elbow pad. All these kits are essential in order to reduce the risk of sustaining any major injuries while cycling. Wearing sunscreen or sunglasses would also help protect you from the sun.


  1.  Check your bike before heading out: Cycling regularly will help you reduce body fat, reduce stress levels, and strengthen your bones, but if you fail to check that your bike is in good shape before taking it to the road, it might lead to fatal injuries and even death. The same way you check your cars for fluid, oil, gas, etc., in the same way, you need to check your bikes before taking them for a ride. It is essential to make sure that your bicycle tires are in good shape. Check the chains; sometimes, you might need to oil your chain to avoid rust. Do a test ride to be sure the bike is good to hit the road. If you’re checked all these, and it’s perfect, then you’re good to go.


  1. Limit your distraction: When on your bike, you have to remember that you share the highway or street with another moving vehicle, so you want to stay away from distractions. A leading cause of fatal accidents in most parts of the world is distracted driving, and as a cyclist, you’re more at risk because you’re not so protected, so you want to keep all distractions away. Never listen to music while riding because it would distract you from hearing other vehicles’ horns. If you want to play music with your earphones, bring the volume down so you can be in sync with your surroundings. Make sure to keep your eyes and ears on the road. Always be on alert.


  1. Use an electronic bike: Biking is especially difficult for beginners because you would have to keep your head up while keeping your legs on the pedal. However, biking with an electronic bike makes the process easier. Motorized bikes are faster. They are also great for carrying things over hills, so you don’t have to stress your pedals too much before getting stuff done. Just in case you’ve tried to get an electric bike, but the price is way beyond your budget, you can remodel your traditional bike into a motorized one using a motorized bicycle kit. 


  1. Respect road rules: There are different road rules guiding pedestrians and vehicle owners to ensure safety; you should follow these rules. For example, some do not allow bikes. Once you See such an indication, ensure you obey. Also, you have to obey traffic rules. Slow down when you see pedestrian lines and move when you have to. Obeying traffic rules means that you respect other pedestrians, and doing this will ensure your safety on the road.

As much as you want to get your bike on the road, you also want to be sure that you are safe on the road. Many cyclists have sustained significant injuries. Some have even lost their lives because they were ignorant of safety rules as regards biking. Now that these rules are available to you, you should take them seriously. It is essential to check your bike before taking it on the road. And never forget to use your helmet.

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