5 Ways Cloud Telephony can help Business Go Green

5 Ways Cloud Telephony can help Business Go Green. In the past few years, nature and mother earth has been giving humankind signals about how things haven’t been the same as they were before. For all species of flora and fauna, the effects have wildly impacted everything. For a long time that did not drive humans to change their ways. However, the current impacts of global warming, excessive population, and climate change have made us take notice.

Cloud Telephony

Given this not only future but immediate need, there have been efforts and talks happening on a global level to make it better for current generations and generations to come. Recently in 2015, the United Nations Development laid out certain SDGs or Sustainable Development Goals for UN Membe Nations to adopt. There are a total of 17 Sustainable Development Goals that are directed towards attaining economic, social, and environmental sustainability for the better of the planet. There are many such conventions like the Paris Climate Agreement, in which countries have pledged to be as environmentally conscious as possible.

In such views and goals, governments are partnering with leading businesses and conglomerates to attain the developmental goals. Leading Indian business houses and conglomerates have pledged to reduce their remissions and even aimed for zero carbon footprints. Such pledges by IT, FMCGs, Automotive, E-Commerce Companies have essentially led to them changing their ways which means that Cloud has only gained importance.

There are other reasons why a business might decide to go green. The current generation doesn’t mind paying extra for brands that function sustainably and produce sustainable or organic products. Apart from looking at green manufacturing processes, businesses are looking towards cloud telephony as well to help their businesses go green.


Cloud Telephony or VoIP hosted solutions go farther away from solutions that are reliant on physical spaces or hardware. Cloud Telephony solutions like bulk messages, Toll-Free Number, Virtual Number, IVR, etc. are


intensely benefitting businesses and are cost-effective. These solutions often help businesses drive economic growth.


And hence, one of the easiest ways for a company to turn green and establish a green business strategy is via cloud-based communication solutions.


So, what is cloud telephony?

Cloud Telephony solutions empower business communication by eliminating excessive physical infrastructure and hardware by functioning on the cloud. Cloud telephony solutions work on a unified platform and are easily scalable and cost-effective. These solutions are not only beneficial to the business and its customers but also to the environment.


Here are the five ways cloud telephony can help businesses go green


Reduces Energy Centric Infrastructure-

Cloud telephony services are hosted on the cloud and hence reduce or completely eliminate the need for physical infrastructure and hardware. Hence, making the business’ operation green and eliminate a business’ carbon footprint.

Readily Scale Operations as per need-

Since cloud-based solutions are hosted on the cloud, a business without getting more hardware can scale operations and meet customers’ needs and demands without affecting the environment.

Put hybrid working in action-

A business can easily put in place a model of hybrid working for their employees. Employees can save on fuel, costs and energy and also promote a sustainable model of working.

Promote a paperless model of working-

Cloud-based solutions operate on the cloud and can be managed via its software to track and analyzed. The solutions help businesses go one step closer towards sustainability.

Cloud telephony and its various solutions cannot be ignored by businesses of all sizes, that want to reduce their emissions and carbon footprints. In the larger picture of the future and sustainability, cloud telephony solutions help businesses paint a greener picture. Solutions like Virtual Number, IVR, Toll-Free Number, Missed Call Services help businesses communicate to their customers. Since these solutions operate on the cloud they are not only technologically adept but also green. Knowlarity is a leading cloud communications company that offers a mirage of solutions that aid businesses in communicating, collaborating and accelerating their operations.


Cloud Telephony and the Current World

The post-pandemic world made businesses make more sense of cloud telephony and its prowess via the green nature of its operations but also how it helped ensure business continuity. Even when storefronts were shut, cloud telephony ensured that businesses continued their momentum and even grew.

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