5 ways to save money with Wholesale club in Canada

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Earlier, you must have shopped from various grocery stores and their weekly flyers or ads. But have you tried buying in bulk or visiting wholesale club stores yet? If not, this article will discuss wholesale club flyers & stores, where you can enjoy a handful of benefits while saving money. However, you must have heard about wholesale clubs having huge fan-following where regular people and even celebrities like – Jimmy Kimmel or Chrissy Metz chose to visit wholesale club stores. While your wallet might not be as manageable as they have, there are various ways to save money at any wholesale club store amongst – Costco, Sam’s Club, and BJ’s.

These three major malls are famous for their attractive discounts, offers and deals, and a huge variety of products available under one roof. Moreover, if you purchase your grocery in bulk from wholesale stores, you automatically save a lot more than usual. However, before purchasing groceries in bulk, analyze your day-to-day requirements and buy the most used products. Which you feel will not get damaged if stored for a longer period of time. So, if you are searching for various ways to save money while purchasing groceries from a wholesale club, keep reading further. 

5 ways to save money 

Although there are a handful of advantages to choosing club stores, we have mentioned five tried-tested and major ways to apply while visiting any wholesale club store and save on your purchases. 

  • Purchase a family plan 

It is much more convenient to sign up for a family plan than going for an individual plan. For example, if you do not require two packs of canned chickpeas, you and your family member or friend can purchase two giant bottles in bulk and share them afterwards. This way, you will get your product at a wholesale rate and get a wholesome quantity. Moreover, buying in bulk is a worthy investment as you can store them for a longer period in your refrigerator.

  • Save through coupons or cashback offers 

Before shopping from any wholesale club flyer in Canada, look for discount coupons. You can download any of your favourite deal platforms like – Rakuten, Couponcabin.com, slickdeals.net, Ibotta, etc., where you can find various coupons or discounts. Not only coupons, but if you are using online gateways to pay your bills, you can get additional discounts or even cashbacks. Moreover, you can get perks like – referrals, membership, even membership renewal incentives, etc. 

  • Save with discounted gift cards

Usually, wholesale club stores like – Costco, Sam’s Club, and BJ’s introduce wholesale club flyers and ads where you can find offers like – get 2,500 gift cards on purchase of 10,000, etc. You can even earn your gift card on a certain shopping amount or get a discounted gift card from sites like – GiftCardGranny to save more than unusual. 

  • Get free health screenings 

Some wholesale club stores also offer health screenings, where you can get your overall health checked. Especially if you have diabetes, osteoporosis, or any heart-related condition, you can get a free health screening. Also, health-related consultations from a team of health professionals and doctors.

  • Save on travelling with a wholesale club store. 

Not only grocery, clothing, food, etc., but you can also save on your travelling expenditure with wholesale club stores. You can check out Bj’s travel, Sam’s club travel, or Costco travel for booking your flight tickets, lodging, car rentals, and much more to save a little extra. In addition, booking through any wholesale club in Canada often allows you to get add-ons or upgrades, which is not easy to get otherwise. 


Hopefully, our article was helpful enough to guide you towards various ways to save your hard-earned money than usual. Although you can check the wholesale store’s website for a handful of discounts, we recommend you consider the guide given above to know different ways to save money. 

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