6 Benefits of Growing Auto flowering Cannabis Seeds

auto flowering

Many people are still hesitant to grow auto-flowering plants. However, the new generation of seeds makes it possible! 

Many growers are still reluctant to use auto-flowering cannabis seed despite it receiving a lot of attention and positive reviews in recent years. Although these growers still think about the poor performance of the first-generation auto-flowering cannabis seeds, the reality is that this type of cannabis has advanced significantly and gives growers an option when planning their growth, you can find out more here.

We have compiled a list of 6 benefits that may help you decide if you should start auto-flowering cannabis seeds. First, some information on auto-flowering cannabis.

What is auto flowering CANNABIS?

Autoflowering strains use, the cannabis subspecies ruderalis to grow plants that can flower regardless of light or photoperiod. They flower according to their age, not the hours of darkness and light they receive (hence the name). These plants are especially useful for outdoor cultivation because you can harvest them much sooner than with photoperiodic crops. Auto flowering cannabis is also easier to manage in all types of environments because it stays shorter. It is also more resilient than other cannabis varieties, making it attractive to beginners. Auto flowering genetics can be very useful for patients who are looking for symptomatic relief, as ruderalis has a higher CBD content.

Let’s now get into more detail about the benefits of cannabis auto-flowering.



Auto flowers live a shorter time than photoperiodic cannabis. Photoperiodic cannabis may take as long as 4 months to mature depending on which strain you choose. Auto flowering cannabis, on the other hand, is ready for harvest within 8-10 weeks of seed germination. You don’t need to wait as long for auto-flowering cannabis to be ready for harvest. Enjoy those beautiful buds. This is especially true when you are considering growing sativa varieties. Sometimes, photoperiodic take five months or more to grow. The sooner you can harvest your auto-flowering sativa the better. This applies to both indoor and outdoor plants. Outdoors, the growing season is shorter. Life cycle you can have multiple runs, which makes it even more valuable.


Based on what we have just started, a quicker harvest means you can fit more harvests in one season. In natural conditions, one harvest is allowed per season. The auto flowering genetics allow you to harvest multiple crops, which usually mean that you can harvest two harvests per year in most climates. This is especially important if you live in areas with shorter and colder summers. You can expect the plants to finish by mid-July, rather than September or even October.


Although you cannot retain an auto-flowering plant as a mother, produce clones They are well-suited to perpetual harvests. You can have flowers that bloom regardless of how much light they get. This eliminates the need for a mother and a veg/flower room. Plants can be grown from any material. All stages of growth In the same room. Start with a few plants and add more plants as they flower. This will ensure a constant harvest. Plant the next seed shortly after the first one is harvested. Your grow space will determine the number of plants you can plant. You can harvest as many as 4-6 times per year.


Auto flowering seeds contain the strong genetics of ruderalis. It makes it much effortless for them to grow. You don’t have to monitor the light schedule. Plants are more resilient and can tolerate colder temperatures. Ruderalis was adapted to living in harsh environments and is passed on to auto-flowering hybrids. They are resistant to many diseases (more lately). They will be less trouble during your grow which is especially useful for beginners who want to learn and perfect their craft before moving on to more difficult strains.


Auto flowering plants usually grow to a height of 1-1.2m, which is great for both indoor and outdoor growers. An auto flowering plant is a great option if you have limited space or a restricted height. Auto flowering genetics are also available for those who want to grow outside and have a discreet, well-hidden planting. They are small enough to be grown in cupboards, on balconies, or in gardens, among other plants.


This is in addition to the above advantage. If you want an easily hidden, stealthy plantation then go for auto flowering varieties. The police, neighbors, thieves, and other curious people who might be interested in your crop are all things outdoor gardeners want to keep secret. This will be a disaster if you have a 2m tall sativa tree. However, a 1m tall auto-flowering plant can be hidden among tomatoes and other plants, even if it’s grown on your balcony or terrace. These characteristics make them attractive to guerrilla gardeners. They are also very discreet to grow.

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