6 Things to Consider When Selecting Proxies for Market Research


A lot of organizations have gone through the digital transformation and are now operating online. And although running an online business brings a new world of opportunities, it also results in the competition growing exponentially. Keeping an eye on the competition is one of the best ways of remaining relevant and competitive. It also helps you to think twice before making any decision since you need data to improve your decision-making. Organizations rely on their ability to use market research for their benefit. But what is market research? It’s the process of conducting direct customer research to determine the viability of a new product or service. It’s a strategy that enables businesses to define their target market, collect and document feedback, and make informed decisions. Using proxies for market research enables organizations to gather valuable data. Market research, with the help of proxies enables organizations to grow their businesses and increase revenue. 

What to Consider When Selecting Proxies for Market Research

Organizations have been gathering data for market research for a while. Proxy servers provide an effective way of growing your business and maintaining competitiveness in your field.

Market research helps you to learn about industry trends and client preferences. Leveraging your proxy tools the right way enables you to collect data at scale with rayobyte proxies, one of the best proxy providers in the market. Thanks to their low cost, data center proxies are a common choice for many marketers. As for residential proxies, they are the way to go.


1. Check User Reviews

Be sure to check out what the previous users of that proxy are saying about it. That’s because the product and the provider will help you make the right decision.

There’s a slight hitch when it comes to reviews. Where do you get a genuine one from? Note that you can stumble upon a gleaming review only to find out that it was fake when it’s too late.

To avoid this kind of scenario, go to popular forums where users share personal experiences. This will help you to get genuine feedback that will guide your decision-making.  

2. Speed

Speed is an important factor when choosing the best proxy network for market research. A proxy will always have some latency overhead, which actually adds more steps into the basic communication protocol between computer networks.

Note that speed latency doesn’t have to be off-putting. The overall latency of a lot of proxies is small and easily unnoticeable. There’s also the issue of how fast data can travel over the proxy.

So organizations must remember that they’ll be dealing with a lot of work on multiple web platforms. This means that your productivity and work will be significantly impacted if you go for a slow-speed proxy network.

A good proxy speed ranges between 70-90 Mbps. So you will be safe if you choose a proxy that can provide your organization with a speed that’s within this range. 

3. Browser Integration

Ease of use is one of the main reasons for platform lock-downs. Some proxy providers make the setup process easier by the use of proprietary software.

But this is another option that offers the same ease of use without a lot of restrictions on a user’s platform. This happens with the involvement of browser extensions. Organizations must consider whether the proxy server provides browser extensions, thus making configuration a little easier. Even if one is used to setting up a proxy, there’s still value in browser extension.

The extensions come in simple forms that create the initial proxy connection. Others allow for the rapid switching of IP addresses or complex management.

4. Legitimacy and Dependability

Organizations must ensure that they check the legitimacy of the proxy service before signing up. It’s important that you work with reputable providers to avoid legal implications when conducting market research.

Taking this into account helps to improve the quality of your operations and the outcome of your market research. Note that although data center proxies are easy to detect, it’s thanks to their lower prices that they are preferred by prospective clients.

A proxy is supposed to operate without thought and should be second nature to one’s overall computing experience. Some people don’t give a lot of thought as to whether their internet connection is in a usable state. The truth is, however, that a working internet connection is crucial.

If an organization needs a proxy, then note that it’s tied rather heavily into the internet. Going to work only to find that the proxy server is down can be likened to the unavailability of the internet. That’s the reason why you must look at a proxy provider’s record on integrity. Look at how long they’ve been around and whether there have been cases of their servers going offline. 

5. The Illustration of Proxy With a Larger Number of IPS

It’s recommended that you go for a proxy service that has an extensive IP pool. This should be the situation if you buy a proxy server.

You must remember that it’s not the number of IPs that matter. It’s the IPs ability to stay steady and consistent all days of the week. The benefit of using ISP proxy networks is that they are always online. Organizations can count on a static IP address that enables them to keep the IP that they need for as long as possible.

6. Consider the Price

When it comes to a proxy server, you must understand that pricing is important. It might not be at the top of the list, but it’s a factor that must be considered. Getting a free proxy server that works as good as the paid ones can be very difficult.

There’s an old saying that’s you can’t get anything good for free. While that may not be entirely true, it holds water when it comes to choosing the right proxy for market research.

Pricing is important. But, you shouldn’t base your decision solely on this factor. Some proxy servers may seem quite expensive. But they are worth the cost, Just be sure to look for a proxy whose cost is worth it. 


Proxies are a great solution to conducting efficient processes that can add value to your business. Remember that proxy servers are multiple in choices. So it’s crucial that you find the right one based on your market research activities.

With proxy servers, you can easily retrieve valuable information and apply insights into the creation of valuable solutions. When investing in a proxy server, ensure that it’s a paid proxy server. That will guarantee good speed in conducting market research and a good number of IP addresses to safeguard your proxy.

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