6 Trends in Education That Will Continue in 2022

Trends in Education

We already know that the whole system of education is changing drastically worldwide, especially after the outbreak of the Corona pandemic. New technologies of online learning and online classes are evolving with which students are getting quickly familiar with and teachers are also giving their best to deliver their best to the students in this new model of education. 

New tools and new techniques are being invented and implemented now and then to make online learning very easy. It can be for a school, a college degree, or supposedly, to learn a new language, educational tools are making the path smoother. For instance, when you learn online, you can find platforms that provide you with various video graphics, tools, games, graphics, etc., which makes it simpler to learn.  As it has already shown its growth in 2020 and 2021, let us learn about the educational trends which are going to be long-lasting. 

1. Innovation in Online Learning Platforms 

Online classes are often cursed for being boring video lectures where no jolly conversation and interaction between the student and the teacher takes place. But, online learning companies are coming up with some exquisite innovative ideas that will help e-learning to evolve in an interesting way to the students and the teachers.  However, this is not that the only purpose of innovations in this field is to make education more lively to the students. Another great reason behind this is to involve a wider number of learners and teachers from different parts of the world. 

2. Artificial Intelligence in Learning 

A funny thing to say regarding this is that, nowadays, artificial intelligence will be there to check and remark on your intelligence! Don’t worry, it is nothing of that sort. With the help of AI, systems such as automated grading systems, automated exam series, automated teaching assistants will be there for the learners to use. The advantage of AI in online learning is that, as a student, you do not become completely dependent on your teacher. You can opt for your self-aid and assistance as per your learning capabilities. 

3. Introduction of VR/AR in learning 

Here is the fun part of online education. AR/VR technology consists of interactive games and quizzes for better learning. Journalists have argued that this technology is the one that is going to change our perception of e-learning completely as it gives a completely new experience of learning altogether. This technology will make the subjects more interesting and understandable, which is the very basics of good and in-depth learning. All in all, with the betterment this technology becomes in tIn the future, e-learning will get greater audiences. 

4. Gamification 

This is one more important trend that is ruling the contemporary education system and is going to carry on in 2022. This is considerably new compared to the other ones you were talking about previously but is very essential. As we are becoming used to the new model of education, both students and teachers prefer to gamify their subject rather than attending a whole day long video session in front of the computer. 

Gamification has increased the excitement of students towards approaching a subject. Especially for toddlers and children, if there are no fun board games, then they would not get inducted into it easily. 

5. Analytics 

Now, this part is something that is linked to e-learning in a very direct way. Analytics gives teachers the command on how to give their very best to the students. Educators can now know if their teaching is helpful for the students or not by just checking the feedback and remarks that the students can post directly on the learning platform they are using. 

This will ensure that the students get the best out of an educator. If the performance of the tutors remains unsatisfactory, then a replacement can be initiated.

6. Blockchain Innovation 

This is the last trend to discuss but probably one of the most crucial ones. Fully known as Blockchain’s Distributed Ledger Technology or DLT, this deals with data and data storage. 

When new data is formed, immediately a ‘block’ or storage is created, so that it becomes easier for the students to navigate when they need it later for further study or better understanding. You can simply understand the ROK of your smartphone where every important file gets stored easily. Without this, students could not use the data as their reference if they require it in future. 

Our Final Thoughts

E-learning is quickly taking the centre stage in the education system and hence, technology and innovation revolving around this industry are skyrocketing. We have tried to discuss the 6 most prominent trends that are going to continue in the field of education, especially e-learning in 2022 and beyond.

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