7 Benefits of Video Automation Software in Modern Marketing

video automation

Modern marketing without video can no longer be talked about today. Despite the success of the video, there are still prejudices and fears about accessing this marketing tool. Today, saving is a word to which everyone will react positively whatever it is – money, time, number of people engaged, technical capabilities. And the key word for video and savings is video automation software. It was also expected that you thought it was expensive, that you need the knowledge of a programmer, that it takes a lot of time, you need special employees just for that, etc. However, video automation software will allow you to automate certain steps (the ones you want) when creating videos, or repetitive steps and most importantly they can be applied in any industry, just like the video itself.

What does it mean?

This means that with the help of software you have the ability to, for example, automate shots, photos, design, intro or outro, logo, and graphics, which will be the same for everyone, while giving input to the application or software from which it retrieves information that changes client or name, location (city, state, county …), time of day when the video arrives, and even statements of your satisfied clients, for example, which may be the only part of the video that changes, while everything else remains the same.

Below are 7 Benefits of Video Automation Software in Modern Marketing

1. You don’t need the knowledge of a programmer

Another type of savings is that you don’t need to be a programmer for all this. This software is therefore designed to make creating extremely useful marketing tools easier. The difference is that there is no need for a programming language, coding, etc … but simply using the platform, which allows you to focus more on the creativity and message of your campaign or content. However, one should not be misled by code and no-code cannot replace each other.

2. The most shared content

First of all, video is the content that is the most attractive of almost all content on social networks. Boring text readers will close very quickly, and a video that may not be the most perfect will keep their attention. The video makes it easier to absorb information, learn easier, and get to know a product, brand, or whatever you advertise, it can show everything you need to be as clear as possible with your potential customers. Also, if, for example, a video has a strong message focused on a certain social topic or is based on the know-how principle, where you give useful advice, people will share such content, so in that case, you think not only about your target group, but also your target the group can promote itself.

3. Customizable Content

Video is content that you can use anywhere, whatever your channels of communication with clients. Video can be great, for example, for email campaigns or the most unpopular, yet extremely effective cold calling strategy. The first contact is always difficult to gain a client, so with the help of video automation software, you can create an automatic video that represents your company, and your brand, and automate, for example, everything except the name and surname of the client you are contacting, and this is why automate video creation software is the future. Video for the first contact is an ideal tool, and if it is personalized, you have done 80 percent of the work.

4. Economy

As we hinted at the beginning of the text, everyone will of course look to save, that is, to invest money in a smart way, which will pay off for them later. Video automation software saves you time, number of employees, technical resources, as well as money, because small resources are needed, and the benefits are great.

Here’s why: video automation software saves you time because automation doesn’t have to repeat countless of the same steps for each video, it’s enough to enter them only once, otherwise you don’t need a few people who will just dedication to video material, sorting material, importing material to video, data needed, etc. because these can be all inputs that you will give to the software. Lastly, you can find video automation software for free or for a fee, which almost always entails a variety of features that the app offers to make your job easier.

5. Conversation rate

Conversation rate refers to the increase in the percentage of users who perform a specific action on your site that you want. You will contribute to that by using video. Video can first help your SEO optimization, or simply put, to be the first in your search site. By appearing first, it gives potential customers the impression of your relevance when it comes to what they are searching for. Video is certainly the tool that can contribute the most to SEO optimization, because the video itself from any other marketing tool instills the most trust because it can most realistically show your product, work processes, your company behind the scenes, stories of satisfied customers, etc. .. With the video, you can get your potential customers to “navigate” your site the way you envisioned and lead them to the click you need – which is an increase in conversation rate.

6. Strengthen your brand

As video is the most visible of all marketing tools, its use can certainly contribute to the greater visibility of your brand. Whatever your idea is to do with video, be it presenting your new product or showing the work process in your production, then testifying to your satisfied customers, or even making a video that at first glance has nothing to do with your product or brand but has a strong social message and at the end, your name is shown, the logo – the brand is strengthened through all these forms and subconsciously remains in people’s heads through watching videos. You can create all these videos using automation video software.

7. Understanding the needs of users – their trust

As we explained at the beginning, automation video software gives you the ability to automate certain repetitive steps in the video, while for others you only give input form where the information will be extracted. It is this information that allows automatic video to be re-analyzed for a specific target group or directly for a specific person, clearly responding to their needs, based on your collected data. This way, your potential customers will instill confidence in your brand, because it was your brand that recognized their needs and communicated a solution for them.

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