9 Interesting Hacks To Achieve Strong Brand Presence On TikTok

TikTok Followers Growth -

TikTok is a blooming social media application to create, share, and watch exciting videos from your mobile phone. All the videos on TikTok are from the soundtrack of top music hits to attract people. 

TikTok Followers Growth -

There are more than 2 billion downloads on the TikTok application on date from the app store, with 10.25 million active users daily and 852 million monthly active users. The tremendous growth has made brands and businesses involve them on TikTok using their marketing strategies.


TikTok becomes an essential tool for business people to boost their brand awareness. Since TikTok is a natural platform, brands should use their creativity to gain audience attention.


Before getting into the points to grow your brand presence, know the statistics of TikTok and its growth.

Important Stats Of TikTok To Grow Your Brand

When you decide to experiment with the growth of your business on different platforms, first know their features and benefits. Now, on TikTok, make the right path to reach your business by understanding the following statistics.


  • As of today, TikTok is the sixth-largest social media network.
  • In 2019, TikTok had achieved more than 738 million downloads and became the second most downloaded application of the year.
  • Since the monthly active users on TikTok are more than 800 million users, and 500 million users among them are from China.
  • The average user on TikTok opens this app more than eight times per day.
  • There are 30 million active users in the U.S, where 60% of users are female, and 40% are male.


According to the above statistics, plan your ideas to attract audiences to your brand and make your presence with the following tips.


#1. Get To Know Your Target Market

Not only on TikTok, but on all social media sites like Facebook or Instagram, it is essential to know your audiences and their interest to grow a strong and loyal following. The content without any consistency will make your followers unfollow you. Publishing content according to your audience’s interest will attract ideal followers to your TikTok account.


Instead of giving unrelated content, stick to your core topic related to your business and provide varieties of content with different ideas to make your business successful on TikTok. Since there are plenty of TikTok users, it is impossible to reach your brand to all audiences. It is better to know audiences who have an interest in your brand and reach them to get brand success.

#2. Build Attractive Profile

One of the most simple tips to make a strong brand presence is to have engaging content on your profile. Though you show your presence by publishing a video, the first step of the audience after watching your content is by jumping on to your profile.


TikTok provides you only a few options to attract your users,


  • A short bio of 140 characters
  • Attractive profile picture and username, showing your brand’s recognition.
  • A way to add your website link


Only an attractive profile with high-quality pictures will make audiences hit the follow button. Make your presence by updating new information about your business on your bio.

#3. Stick On With Consistent Branding

People will remember your brand easily when you use the same font, colors, and concept on your TikTok account. The user will stick to your style if you bring your brand presence with consistent posting and high-quality content.


Catch the attention of users with your high-quality content related to your business. The TikTok algorithm will automatically move videos on top of the “For You” page in the view of many users without even following you. It happens only if your content is of high quality. If you don’t have consistency in your content, people will get confused with other creators and will not remember you.

#4. Give Short Videos

TikTok provides the maximum length of publishing videos for 60 seconds. But if you watch on FYP, the most successful or viral videos will be a short length for a maximum of 20 to 30 seconds. Start creating a short video with an exciting story to increase TikTok followers count and get featured on the For You page.


TikTok gives varieties of videos for the users. So it is rare to watch a video of 60 seconds. When you present your video for 20 seconds with exciting and valuable points, people might watch it repeatedly and may have a chance to share your videos with their friends.

#5. Use Current Trends And Internal Tools

TikTok wants your content to be natural and effortless. The algorithm pushes your content to the top of FYP if it looks authentic and original. Content creation is the only way to make your online presence for your brand among your target audiences. Before making a video, spend your valuable time on the “For You” page to know the trending topics.


Scrolling down the FYP is essential to growing your brand. While doing so, you will get plenty of videos streaming on the page. When you find more than two videos with the same music, you can choose it to use in your content since it is trending and will help get more TikTok views.

#6. Perform Hashtag Challenges

The best way to gain engagement to your brand or business is by going ahead with challenges on TikTok. The hashtag challenge is nothing but inviting your users to participate by creating their own content using the concept of your challenge and publishing it with the specific hashtag. 


Hashtag challenge familiarizes your brand among the TikTok community, giving an excellent opportunity for your brand to go viral with massive audiences. From the challenge, you can find user-generated content that is accurate and can create a huge community with creators. You can also participate in challenges from other people to make you famous and gain new audiences. While participating in challenges, make sure that they have your target audiences. 

#7. Engage With Your Audience

The engagement for your business or brand increases only by interacting with your audiences regularly. The best way to show your online presence is by responding to your followers. The brand will become popular if you receive credits to your content through the following factors:


  • Likes for your post, if it is interesting
  • Commenting to clear their doubts and give their opinion
  • Share your content with their friends if it is original


When your follower responds to your content through comments, reply back with an excellent answer and can also extend the conversation to increase audience engagement by proving your presence. If you get more likes and shares, your content will be featured on FYP and may have chances to increase your followers count.

#8. Aware Of Your Posting Time

People will know your brand activities only if they view your content. Make your content visible to your audiences by posting it at the right time. Know the active time of your ideal audiences to show your brand activities and engage them with your account. Find the active time by analyzing your older posts and notice the higher engagement post with the publishing time.


Watch your competitors about their content type and posting time because their audiences and target audiences are the same. Reach your target audiences by analyzing your competitors and post your content at a specific time to reach your brand among various audiences. 

#9. Work With Influencers

Influencers are the persons on all social media networks with larger followings in their accounts. Influencers will have loyal followings, and it is easy for your brand to gain potential customers and followers. Since influencers always publish original content, their audiences have huge trust in them, and they believe what influencers suggest.


The high trust makes you approach influencers for your brand presence and business growth. There are three types of influencers with variations in followers count:


  • Macro-influencers
  • Micro-influencers
  • Nano influencers


Tie up your business with any of the above influencers to make your brand presence and bring popularity to your brand among large audiences. Choosing influencers having your target audiences will be best for you to improve your brand visibility.

Wrapping Up

TikTok is an entertainment medium where lots of people engage them to make themselves stress-free. Because of this high engagement, brands find it a great place to grow their popularity. Use the above points and make your brand presence with high content quality and unique, creative ideas. Inspire your audiences with excellent content creation techniques and grow your business.


Author Bio: 

Anne Joseph is a passionate social media writer and working at Bouxtie. She has strong strategy skills in developing and managing social media campaigns. She loves to make new connections and enjoys the opportunity to work with social media influencers. Start following her on Twitter.com.

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