A Buyer’s Guide To Purchasing Gold Jewelry

Here are some facts about buying gold jewelry before you visit the jewelry store. People have been fascinated by gold from the beginning. The Egyptians were among the most avid consumers of gold throughout the ancient world. They equated the precious metal to the sun and limited its use for the reigning monarchs. It doesn’t matter if you purchase it for yourself or gift it as a present; a pair of 21 karat gold earrings can be a constant reminder about the most important moments, feelings, achievements, and events in your life.


Marks Of Gold’s Authenticity, Purity

Since pure gold (also called 24-karat gold) is usually too soft to be used for most jewelry, it is commonly mixed with other metals. A gold alloy with a 21 karat rating is the most common jewelry in the United States. Jewelers can sell gold for less than 10karats, thanks to new regulations. But it is important to remember that gold items less than 10karats do not contain as much gold and are less durable than gold pieces with a higher karat rating.

You should always check any gold jewelry that you buy to ensure it has a quality mark. This is especially important if the seller is a reseller. They will usually have the item’s karate stamped or etched on them. A mark of “GP”, which is often found on jewelry with gold plating, can often be found.


The Gold Alloys Go Beyond Yellow

When people talk about various metals, the word “alloys” is frequently used. An alloy is any metal made by combining different metals to increase the metal’s resistance against corrosion and/or strength. The composition of its components determines the quality of the alloy. A wide range of colors can be produced by alloys.


Gold In White

White gold, which is an amalgam of gold, is a popular gold alloy because it’s both a cheaper and more desirable option than white metal. White gold is formed by the alloying of gold with copper, palladium, or nickel, as well as zinc and zinc. White gold alloys cannot be described as “white” because they are not pure gold. Most white gold jewelry has rhodium coating, which is a member of the platinum group. Rhodium plating might show signs of wear over white gold jewelry’s life span so it needs to be maintained a little more than the average. The best way to restore the jewelry’s bright white sheen is to have it replaced at your local jewel store. It only takes a few seconds.


Rose-Colored Gold

Fine jewelry consumers are now seeing rose gold as a popular choice. The beautiful, warm blush suits all skin complexions. Rose gold or pink is made by adding copper to gold. The most common rose-gold jewelry is 14-karat, which is 58.5 percent pure, with the remainder copper added for color.

Rose gold can be found in many shades of pink, which are great for pairing with gemstones and white and yellow metals.

Gold-filled jewelry has a base metal made of lower-quality metals like copper or brass. However, it also contains the most extensive layer of gold that is fused with heat. It must contain at minimum 5 percent of the actual gold for an item to be “gold-filled”.

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