It is always interesting to brainstorm and think about new things a group of friends can do together. Picnics, visits to the zoo, and brunch dates are all fun activities; but can get quite repetitive in time! One must keep the excitement going through creative planning. About 65% of Aussies regularly participate in recreational activities and get-togethers. The Australian Bureau of Statistics further reports that, on average, Australians dedicate about 22% of their days to doing something fun! Recreational activities in Australia are endless. From paint and sip parties to riding centres, there are many new options to choose from.


Recently, art-based activities and DIY parties have gained popularity due to the benefits they offer! Planning for a private event has its excitement that has spurred people to be as creative as possible! Especially with the pandemic in place, people prefer hosting small DIY parties within the comforts of their homes to ensure safety while having fun.

Art-based recreation

Only recently, people have started looking at art as a group activity that can promote fun. Previously, Aussies primarily opted for sports and physical activities like football when they got together as a large group.

  • Pottery: Pottery used to be seen as an underrated occupation or expensive hobby. But today, many experts offer affordable pottery classes for people who wish to learn. The best part about these classes is, unlike any art activity that goes on for a particular term, pottery classes can be availed in singular numbers–like one or two classes only. Due to this, an individual can hire a pottery expert for a DIY pottery party with their close friends and family! Adults and children alike can participate in this.
  • Paint and Sip: This is a soon-to-be-favourite activity for Aussies! Paint and sips are small group activities where people come together to paint while sipping drinks! Essentially, it is a combination of a professionally taught painting class and a casual drinking session. Here, people paint creatively without the pressure of creating gallery-worthy art. Typically, the drinks that are suggested for this activity are either wine, beer, or champagne. If children are also participating, then these can be replaced with lemonade! If one wishes to host a DIY Paint and Sip party, they can acquire the assistance of such services in Sydney and Melbourne. Such services provide everything from paints to paper towels; they also plan everything from music to drinks and nibbles. Interestingly, paints and sips are activities that are often opted for team building, hen parties, and Christmas parties!
  • Wall Murals: Mural painting is also a fan favourite. These events are often held by NGOs and small cafes that invite close friends and frequent customers for a fun evening. These mural painting activities are also accompanied by music and are suitable for all audiences.
  • DIY Busking: Busking is an activity that singers popularly undertake. It is a mini-concert that happens without much preparation. This activity can be easily copied in the comfort of your home! All one needs is a mic stand and a speaker set. The versatility of this activity comes from the fact that it does not have to be busking alone! It could be converted to a small talent show or a stand-up comedy evening!
  • Reading Party: This is an artistic idea for literature enthusiasts. People who love reading and writing can gather and have a fun-filled, enriching evening with other enthusiasts. Even if an individual is not a literature enthusiast, the host can develop funky themes to make them funny and enjoyable!

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