Advantages of Cloud-based surveillance system

Cloud Surviellence

Cloud security surveillance system is undoubtedly the most effective solution to keep your premises safe and secure as it provides a comprehensive solution for keeping an eye on your workforce activity, operational capabilities, intruders and unauthorized activities, pilferage, etc. although traditional video cameras were being used earlier too, they have their limitations. Employers had to rely on video footage and there was no way of retrieving it.

Cloud Surviellence

With the development of new AI-backed technology, organizations have completely revamped their security solutions and taken them to the next level. Besides preventing theft and unauthorized entry, cloud security also provides numerous other benefits like reduced data loss and centralized remote access. Won’t you feel relieved knowing that you will immediately get an alert or a notification in case any unwanted incident occurs on your premises? It is certainly better than taking reports from your security personnel from time to time and waiting to check all the reports.

Here are a few reasons why you should upgrade your security system to the cloud if you have still not done so:

  • Accessibility –The most obvious benefit of cloud surveillance is that it can be easily accessed using a shared network. You have the option of giving authorized access to other stakeholders in the company too. You can easily manage multiple locations from wherever you are. Cloud surveillance also proves very useful in manufacturing industries where the quality of raw materials and the goods produced can be monitored and tracked in a real-time number of working hours. In case of any quality concerns during manufacturing, the authorities can also check the footage on the cloud.
  • Enhanced Efficiency – The cloud surveillance system is highly efficient and can be utilized to keep a check on the number of working hours put in by the employees and decide the payout in case they have put in some extra hours now and then. The footage can be saved and accessed without network access. The electricity cuts do not have any impact on the surveillance process. As the employees are under constant surveillance their efficiency rate also increases.
  • Secured Data – The cloud storage cameras keep your data safe and allow only authorized people to access any footage or information. The stored footage can be productively used for analysis, especially in the manufacturing and engineering sectors. As all the data is stored on the cloud, it cannot be damaged, stolen, or misplaced. The cameras are embedded with an SDR card that helps in retrieving the stored footage even if there is a malfunction at some point. You can even set up your facilities overseas and manage and monitor everything remotely. Centralized monitoring can be done conveniently on your mobile too, so that you are always updated, even while you are on the go.
  • Flexibility – The cloud surveillance data is easily accessible by any none whom you authorize and can even be downloaded and saved as per the requirement. The data can be retained for future use and the retention period can also be increased or decreased basis your requirement.
  • Scalability – You can easily add or remove the IP-based surveillance cameras as per your requirement. You may require more cameras if you are planning on expansion. They can easily be integrated with the current system.
  • Economical – Installing cloud video surveillance cameras reduces a lot of expenses that the company has to bear otherwise. There is an end number of things such as security personnel, application cost, backup, power cost, etc., which can be brought down considerably by implementing cloud security. If you are still using traditional cameras, you require hardware and software drives to store all the data. All this is not required if you update the security to a cloud-based system.
  • Easy Installation Process – Traditional video surveillance system requires installation of hardware which can be a tedious affair. Besides, operating system software, the configuration of routes, etc. have to be done. A cloud-based video surveillance system can be deployed on-demand and all the cameras can be auto-configured. Once the wiring is done, the dashboard shows the camera status in real-time and also sends notifications and alerts on security issues.
  • Convenient and reliable – DVR and NVR based video surveillance require duplicate servers that often remain unused, simply adding to overhead expenses. The cloud-based surveillance systems provide storage on the premises which can be used as a backup. They are highly reliable and work even when the internet goes down.
  • Incident-based Detection – Cloud-based video surveillance provides easier firmware and security updates. It also provides high-level encryption for footage storage as well as live streaming. Live streaming helps the employers and security staff detect and understand the incidents accurately. It immediately sends alerts and notifications to all authorized personnel in case any unwanted intruder enters the premises or any accident happens. This effectively prevents the escalation of such incidents as timely action is taken.
  • Efficient storage system – The traditional video surveillance system stores data in hardware on-site. The storage space is thus limited and in case you want to increase the storage you have to invest in more hardware. The advanced cloud-based surveillance security system offers flexibility by providing a combination of on-premises and cloud storage so that you can easily access the footage from anywhere. The resolution of the cameras can be increased instantly without changing or modifying the hardware.

Summing up :

A cloud-based security surveillance system offers numerous benefits such as cyber security, staff accountability, retention flexibility, and remote access to name a few. With cloud-based security, you can rest assured that your premises are safe at all times besides offering proactive support and convenience. This is one of the main reasons that large companies are updating their security on the cloud as a part of digital transformation. Cloud technology advancement and greater bandwidth along with unlimited coverage and control make it highly attractive. This is also very useful in cases of false claims and frauds as real-time footage is available. With so many benefits, it is but natural that organizations are updating their security to the cloud.


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