Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Affiliate Marketing for Beginners. You must have heard of financial freedom and passive income. Many people want to be financially free and retire early. Passive income is one way to achieve financial freedom. It is a great way to set a business in motion that continues even while you sleep. One of the sources of passive income is affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is simply promoting and selling someone’s product for a percentage share of money in return. You should know about the steps of affiliate marketing for beginners.

Affiliate Marketing

Is Affiliate Marketing Easy?

For Beginners, affiliate marketing can be difficult. It is because this type of marketing to promote products can be technical sometimes. Affiliate marketing for beginners can be a little bit difficult. You are called an affiliate of the company whose products you sell. You can call your reward commission. You can call the web links of the product as affiliate links. Affiliate marketing does not have the hassles of selling the product.

You only promote the products in your network – online or offline. Google is the most popular search engine but which search engine is better than Google to promote products within your budget. Bing search engine can be the best search engine to bring traffic on websites to promote products of others.


Affiliate marketing on Bing is also useful because of using Bing ads promo codes. This helps you in PPC but does not affect the commission which you receive from the owner of the product.

Why Are Bing Ads More Popular Than Google For Affiliate Marketing?

It includes multiple reasons why BIng ads is better than Google ads. Bing search engine is mostly useful for advertisement purposes. Google is used by millions of people, this is somehow affecting your money. Because it can increase clicks but it does not mean that Google can boost your sales also. Bing ads have less volume and less competition than Google advertisements. The cost of PPC(Pay-Per-Click) is also less than Google ads.

Which Affiliate Marketing Is Best For Beginners?

Affiliate marketing through search engines is one of the best affiliate marketing for Beginners. On these platforms, campaign control is in your hand. This platform of affiliate marketing requires time-to-time optimization by which it easily maintains its position and shows in SERP. It can become easy if you choose how to use affiliate marketing with the steps which are given below. This is just like knowing how to preview Bing ads preview tool before publishing an advertisement. Let us dive into the step-by-step affiliate marketing for beginners.

1.    Identify Your Strengths

What affiliate marketing channels are available to you? The way you promote the merchant’s products depends on your skills and capabilities. If you have a follower or subscriber base on social media platforms, then you can leverage this and promote the merchant’s products to your followers or subscribers. YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are popular platforms to engage a large audience.

If you can run a blogging site and drive traffic to it, then you can have affiliate links as a part of your content.

For example, you can publish articles on reviews and comparative analysis of various products such as mobile phones, computers, cameras, cars, property, etc. If you are connected to a large group of people through email, then you can do email marketing to promote the seller’s products.

2.    Understand the market demand

What products or services have niche demand or popular products which do not have affiliate marketers. You can use Google Trends to know what is being searched for. Thorough research is necessary to make sales.

Once done, you must test your product or service selection by posting about the service.  After this, you can easily identify the engagement of the customer. This is the basic level for affiliate marketing for beginners.

3.    Enroll In A Suitable Affiliate Program

There are different affiliate programs or schemes. This depends on the product and company. You can have to pay per sale you make. This is simple. Here you get a commission when a consumer makes a payment for a product.

When someone visits your sites then it leads to increased web traffic to the website. Here you get a commission when a customer visits the company or merchant’s website and completes the needed action. And it charges the amount which you pay on each click hit by an audience. The needed action is predefined and mentioned in the affiliate program details.

4.    Content Creation With Contextual Affiliate Links Included

Once you are certain of the products and services, you can go ahead and create videos or text content with relatable affiliate links embedded in the content. You can also hold live webinars or videos. Your content can be in the form of personal blogs, product reviews and comparisons, tutorials, online courses, e-books, and product posts.

It is important to build trust with your customers by giving them honest feedback. Also, it is necessary to optimize your content through SEO to drive and eventually, clicks. It is best to let your audience know that you gain commission from their purchase to keep things transparent. Additionally, keep a balance of content and affiliate links.

5.    Ads And Ad Trackers

As your business grows, you can use ads (i.e. Search Engine Marketing) to drive traffic to your website. You also opt for affiliate networks to run ad campaigns and keep track of your customers. These networks have other benefits too.

You can access a database of affiliate marketers. These networks also support payment processing and help in analyzing purchase patterns. Some of the affiliate networks are Converting Team, CrakRevenue,, ClickDealer, MaxPartners, etc.


In conclusion, affiliate marketing is a way of earning part-time passive income by sharing content with your consumer base. Content creation and increasing consumer base is a continuous process and requires sustainable effort. You can do this along with your current occupation. You can also earn more than your active income from affiliate marketing when you do it right!

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