All About Advertising Using Car Magnet Signs – A Guide for First-Timers

Magnetic Signs

Using your fleet of delivery trucks and cars for advertising your business is not a new concept. However, stickers and car wraps are relatively more permanent and it can take more time, effort, and money to keep changing the advertisements. Car magnet signs are more versatile and give you the same bang for the buck without any of the hassles of car decals and stickers. A well-designed car magnet has the potential for reaching thousands of potential customers, especially if your vehicles move in high-traffic areas. According to Frontify, a strong brand image results in better customer recognition and loyalty. If you have never used car magnet signs, a few pointers on various aspects:

Preparing Your Vehicle

Much larger than bumper stickers, car magnet signs can carry much larger advertisements as they are fixed to the sides and backs of the vehicle. They are as thin as a sheet of paper and can be fixed and removed easily whenever you want. Since they are UV and weather resistant, they last for a long time. To fix car magnet signs, you will need to check out which areas of the vehicle are made of steel because the magnet will not stick to body parts made of fiberglass, aluminum, or other non-steel materials. For the best results, you should clean your vehicle with water and detergent, dry, and wax it.

Design Tips for Boosting Effectiveness 

For best visibility, even from a distance, you should incorporate large images and limit the amount of text on car signs, as it can be difficult for passersby to read a sign fixed on a moving vehicle. It may be enough to include your business logo, your tagline, and contacts, along with a compelling CTA. Cramming in too much information can make the design messy and deter people from reading it. Since you are to work in a limited space, you need to highlight the most important information and make sure they are legible even from a distance. Using the same color palette and typefaces you use in other advertising and marketing collaterals will help you to reinforce your brand image and boost brand recall.


You should remove the signs carefully every time you wash your car and clean them before placing them back. If you do not need the signs for some time, it is better to remove them, clean, and dry them before storing them in a cool dry place in a vertical position. When removing the magnet sign, you must make sure you handle them carefully since they can bend and crease. When washing them, use a gentle soap solution and wax them to reduce the impact of the weather. Do not lay the printed surface on the ground as you are likely to scratch them. Dry the magnet signs carefully using a soft lint-free cloth before polishing them and fixing them back on the car.


Various state governments and local administrations have rules and regulations governing advertising on cars. Some states require you to register your vehicle for commercial use, and you will need to buy an appropriate insurance cover. Violating laws can land you in unnecessary trouble.

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