America’s Addiction To Social Media – Why We Should Be Concerned

the use of algorithms in today’s world

the use of algorithms in today’s world

According to studies of psychologists, 10% of Americans on average have social media addiction. It is concerning because the use of algorithms in today’s world of social media has grown at the most exponential rates in the context of lifespan. Moreover, the constant obsession with checking and scrolling through social media websites turned into huge famous activities in the last decade.

However, the usage of social media for most people is not problematic. Still, a minimum percentage of users who are addicted to social media hold on to compulsive use. This article will discuss why we should be concerned about America’s excessive obsession and addiction to social media. 

Is Social Media Affecting Your Life?

We have to make the most of our life. So the real question we must ask ourselves is ‘how is social media influencing me in my daily quality and overall life.

Let us ask you if people you hang out with ask you to put your phone down, or your family members complain that you are never available, or are you ever late for your work or classes due to social media?

Also, you have to understand how social media is impacting your essential needs. For example, do you lose your appetite when you are on your phone, sleep late, or wake up late?

What Can You Do About It?

You have to contact a trained professional if you are concerned about your addiction to social media or are unsure about it. It would be your best option.

The objective is to not get influenced or grow addicted and turn mindful of your usage impacting your daily life in general. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible and difficult to eliminate using social networking sites completely compared to other sorts of addiction.

It is so because there are needs like job requirements and networking with co-workers. In addition, you have to stay in touch with people because relocation and traveling are pretty common in today’s world’s current use of algorithms.

At-Risk Youth:

Research shows that 27% of children who spend more than 3 hours on social media websites daily have turned in with symptoms of poor mental health. In addition, children and young adults who overuse social media networking sites are more problematic as their skills and brains are still developing.

Some children suffered social interaction skills severely due to the habituated use of social media.


With that, we have concluded this article. We hope we can help you with everything you need to know why we should be concerned about America’s excessive obsession and addiction to social media that we mentioned above after thorough research for you.

The addiction to social networking sites is behavioral. Also, it has been characterized as excessive concern about social media. Any other substance consumption can be similar to social media addiction. Social media addiction can lead to mood modification, tolerance, and withdrawal symptoms.

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