Are You Aware of The Charging Cables Meant for Charging Your Electric Car?

Charging Cables

People who are living in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth, or Sydney must have noticed different types of Electric Vehicle charger installed either in shopping centre, workplaces, or in any car parking areas.

All these Electrical Vehicle charging stations do not have any tethered cable similar to conventional Electrical Vehicle charging stations, but rely on the driver of the Electric Vehicle to bring their own Electrical Vehicle cable that is specific to their own type of Electrical Vehicle.

There are many benefits offered by such Type 2 portable EV charger cable supplied by Jucer, who is very passionate about Electrical Vehicle technology and also excited about various benefits it may bring to the people. Some of the benefits are:

  • Lesser wear and tear
  • Universal EV Charging facilities for all EV
  • Capability for 3-phase 22kW charging of EV.

What are the different charging cables meant for charging EV?

  1. Mode-2 charging cable

Different variations of the charging cable of Mode 2 are available. The car manufacturer frequently provides this type of charging cable for use with a standard home outlet. In an emergency, drivers can charge their electric automobiles from a household outlet. A box installed between the car plug and the connector plug provides communication between the vehicle and the charging port.

A charging cable with Mode 2 connector for various CEE industrial outlets, such as NRGkick, is the more advanced variant. This allows you to charge the electric car in as little as 22 minutes, based on the plug type.

  1. Mode-3 charging cable

The charging cable for mode 3 is a certain connector cable that connects the charging station to the electric vehicle. This type 2 plug was established as the standard throughout Europe.

Charging stations commonly have a type 2 socket to for charging electric cars with both type 1 and type 2 outlets. A mode 3 type of charging cable needed from type 2 – type 2 or mode 3 charging cable that is from type 2 – type 1 is required for charging your electric automobile.

  1. Others

EV adaptor cables – These are for electric vehicles that have a Type 2 inlet but want to utilise any EV charging stations, which have got a tethered Type 1 cable that is unusual anymore but still exists. A Type 2 adaptor is also available, which lets older Type 1 vehicles using Type 2 cabled charging stations.

Type 2 cables are compact and when plugged-in then coiled structure will tighten, reducing cable slack while freeing up the space. It can easily fit in most of the cable bags, or also can be stashed within the trunk.

They also operate at both high and Low temperatures within the range of -30°C to 55°C.

Also, it is built quite tough and made from durable, strong, and difficult to wear type of materials. The Stretch can withstand more than a few bumps and knocks. They are made from a reinforced and insulated 5m length cable to get a reliable, robust, quick and also easy connection to the pure Electrical Vehicle.

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