Best Browser Games You Can Play Right Now

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The most enjoyable online games are those that can be played quickly. There will be no lengthy installation times, lines, or questions such as “How does this work again?” or “What did I do previously?” You can play any simple browser games exactly the same as you browse through Point Spread Betting when you do not know what to do or during your lunch break.

However, there are so many online games that it can be challenging to find the best ones and avoid potentially dangerous websites. We created this guide with browser-based games of all varieties. Continue reading to discover the best games currently available.

Superhot Prototype

Many popular Steam games and console games owe their success to websites like Miniclip and Newgrounds, which host many free-to-play games from small studios with modest publishing budgets.

Few of these success stories are as intriguing as Superhot, a Unity-developed first-person shooter in which time stops when you do, allowing you ample time to make preparations. 

Superhot combines, in some ways, popular first-person shooter (FPS) game mechanics with turn-based strategy game mechanics to create a unique and entertaining browser-based game.

It is also available as a standalone game. If you count Superhot, its VR version, and Superhot: Mind Control Delete, you can purchase three games.

Japanese Breakquest

If you enjoy alternative music, you may be familiar with Japanese Breakfast. This rising indie star released this retro-styled turn-based role-playing game to promote her second album.

As one might expect from a game allegedly created by a musician, the music in Japanese Breakquest is excellent. It also contains many fantastic references to indie music that will appeal to fans of that genre.

The game expands on the story of Japanese Breakfast’s “Machinist” music video. The singer is stranded on a spaceship and attempts to construct a mechanical body for her AI lover. It has midi versions of her 2017 album “Soft Sounds From Another World” songs.

The game is designed for fans of independent games, but it has sufficient charm to appeal to any player.


Runescape is an online role-playing game that is massively multiplayer and is free-to-play. Initially, it may not appear significant, but it is. According to Guinness World Records, over 200 million people have registered for Runescape, making it the most popular free MMORPG globally.

The most recent version of Runescape is set in a medieval world with queens, goblins, and, most importantly, dragons (not to mention the chickens). How could a game that has been around for more than 15 years be an aesthetic masterpiece?

As long as your browser supports a recent version of Java, you can battle, trade, and even play minigames with other players in Gielinor. However, exercise caution, as Runescape is notoriously addictive. And now you can get it on your mobile device, so you can carry it with you wherever you go.


At first glance, Spaceplan appears to be just another point-and-click game designed to distract you from your primary responsibilities. However, once you remove the geometric cover, you will discover that this game has a unique quality.

If you dislike overly serious games, Spaceplan is for you. The majority of your time is spent repairing ships using the ‘Thing Maker’ interface, which, as its name implies, allows you to construct things to repair your ship and aid in its movement through space. 

After setting up a few “things,” the game’s core operates autonomously.

Most of your time will be spent waiting while you engage in other activities (such as your job) and collecting watts to power your devices. 

It is the ideal game to have open in a separate tab so that you can play for a few moments when your boss is not looking. The humorous conversation is a welcome addition.

In the HTML5 game, you control a serpent-like creature called a “long boy” that consumes dots to grow larger and longer. You must consume as many dots as possible to make the leaderboard similar to Pac-Man. 

The most challenging aspect is avoiding other snakes because if you touch one, the game is over.

The length of your snake determines your score. At the time of writing, the longest snake was valued at approximately 20,000 points. If your snake finishes in the top 10, it will be displayed prominently on the leaderboard. 

The only other difference is that you can alter the appearance of your snake by changing its skin. It’s a simple game, but it’s ideal for the office since there’s nothing to click.

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