Best Decorative Candle Styles for Your Home

Decorating the home allows you to show your personality and create a space that you feel comfortable and happy in. Adding candles to this decorating can add ambiance, change the mood of a room, and if you choose to use them, they add a comforting feel to the space, and many will cause the room to smell as they do. When selecting decorative candles, consider each style and choose the one that fits your needs and personal style the best.

Taper Candles

These long thin candles are used in candle holders specifically for them and are often found on tables in dining rooms and restaurants. They add glowing light to the space when in use and are often thought of as romantic or sophisticated. When setting the table or arranging decorations, they can add height and dimension to the presentation.

Pillar Candles

A pillar candle can be one of several varieties, from a single wick candle that is short and fat to a large three-wick candle, or even a tall pillar candle that is much wider than a taper and can burn for several hours. Often used in groups of different heights, they create a welcoming space with depth and variety. The different sizes make them suitable for almost any décor, and they fit well with complimentary items and other candles. They will burn for longer than a taper candle and can create more light, especially a three-wick candle, and when chosen in a scented version, will create a lovely scent around the home.

Ball Candles

These candles are spheres that are flattened on the bottom to remain steady. They can add a sense of style to any room and are available in multiple sizes. Suitable for many styles of home and decoration, they can be easily added in their own holders or on plates around the room. Ball candle holders can be found in any height and size, including floor stands that will keep the candle at waist height or higher for those wanting to fill an area with something small yet tall and eye-catching.

Floating Candles

When placed on top of a bowl or container of water, floating candles create a sparkling reflection when lit and add color and depth when not. They are popular for parties and large events but are suitable for quiet evenings at home or just to add color to a room.

Whimsical Shapes

As with any hobby or collection, Abeille scented candles in NZ are found in almost any shape. You can purchase candles shaped like characters, such as Santa for Christmas, animals for any time of year, and shapes that suit the space. They can be displayed for decades without any damage as long as they are kept away from windows, sunlight, and heat. They can be placed around the home for any season, and favorite characters can stay out year-round and personalize the space, adding color and whimsey to any shapes

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