Best Men’s Haircuts: Your Ultimate Guide for This Year

Men's Haircuts


The Best Haircuts for Men

With each fashion season, new styles of men’s haircuts appear, more attractive, modern, and adapted to changes. Some consist of slight variations of classic hairstyles and others are based on radical changes and breaks from the traditional concepts of beauty for riskier guys. The truth is that each trend becomes part of the arsenal of styles available to change the look according to your personality and the situation you have to face. So whether it is to wear long, short, curly, textured hair, with fringes, and even with reflections, here we present the 35 best men’s haircuts so that you can renew your appearance without fear of failing.

  1. Low cut with fringe and side fade

The fringes have led the way throughout this year. It is a very versatile haircut, as it can not only be combed from the side, but also taken completely to the back, you can let it fall on your forehead or let it wave freely. By adding a disagreeable cut on the sides and neck, you will project an image of character and risk.

  1. Fading with design

To truly wear this cut requires a determined personality, with enough determination to choose the design of your liking and patience to wait as long as necessary while it is done. It is a hairstyle comparable to a tattoo (not everyone knows how to do it), so choose a prestigious place where they show you a guide to original, quality designs that you can adapt to the design you want for your hair.

  1. High pompadour and fade to the sides

The great thing about this hairstyle is that it is very easy to maintain. If you are a busy man, but you like new trends, this option could be comfortable, easy to maintain and you will save time every morning by not having to dress so much. As an essential requirement, you must let your hair grow for a few months if you aspire for your pompadour to fall to one side with enough volume. As for the fading, try to keep it as low as possible, so that all the attention falls on the upper part of your hair. If you are a risky man, feel free to incorporate faded locks. A beard could complete your look.

  1. Top fade and quiff

Despite not being an easy haircut to perform, the results are striking and clean. As in the previous hairstyle, you should grow your hair long enough for your barber to do his job. The sides will be cut as low as you like, and you can even add a designer stripe to make the overall look more original.

  1. Low fade and messy pompadour

Balanced, comfortable, and messy at the same time, you only need to use a pomade to maintain your pompadour and you will be ready to face almost any event.

  1. Braids between the pompadour and fade to the sides

The appeal of this mens hairstyle lies in how well done the braid is left that separates the top of the head from the side contour.

  1. Half-tail style

Despite the range of hairstyle options, the reality is that women are fascinated by the manes of men who have thick and long hair. That is why rockers keep their manes messy and quite long.

Adding a half ponytail, or completely gathering the hair, is two appropriate options for this particular style. If you add a thick beard, no woman will be able to resist your charms.

  1. High bald fade with cropped bangs

Simple and manly, this cut suits all hair types and is special for a man who needs to show his character.

  1. Medium length hair on top

Here the main thing is the texture, the idea is to combine a medium uppercut hair, which allows you to play spikes and at the same time a fade with texture on the sides. Grow some beard to frame your face. Mind you, get ready for women to harass you after this!

  1. Short hair with sash

Usually called “crew cut”, it is another of those classic hairstyles, designed for gentlemen with strong personalities who do not want to spend too much time getting ready each day.

  1. All the pompadour back

Change the direction of your hairstyle to the back, giving your look a new look, and then use a gel or pomade to give the texture that characterizes this variation of a very classic cut. For more information about men’s haircuts check out here 

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