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Jeddah is the second-largest and most glamorous city in Saudi Arabia which is located on the coast of the Red Sea. Jeddah is a highly populated city in Saudi Arabia which has a population of 4.7 million with diverse cultures and history. It is located in the western region of Saudi Arabia and thus serves as the gateway to the sacred cities of Mecca and Madina for travellers who come there to perform Hajj and Umrah.

Thus, travellers around the world always desire to visit this beautiful city when they get a chance. But, they face a restriction in fulfilling their desire of visiting this glamorous city, so you can book Almosafer flights & hotels to make your trip to Jeddah exhilarating on a limited budget.

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Visit Stunning Jeddah Sites By Almosafer Flights & Hotels

Visit the stunning and dazzling historical and cultural locations of Jeddah while booking the best and cheap Almosafer flights & hotels. Almosafer is the best international travel brand in the Middle East which provides the best, most convenient, and most highly comfortable flights & hotels to make your trip adorable and exhilarating.

However, travellers around the World visit this wondrous Jeddah city which has diverse historical and cultural destinations to visit. The city connects with the sacred and holiest cities of Mecca and Madina which have many sacred sanctities. Book Almosafer flights & hotels to visit the wondrous ancient sites in Jeddah. 

There are many stunning and glamorous historical and cultural locations in Jeddah which are Jeddah Corniche, Al Balad, King Fahd’s Fountain, Red Sea Mall, Fakieh Aquarium, Floating Mosque, Jeddah Tower, Silver Sands Beach, Al Tayebat International City, and Al Shallal Theme Park which are worth to visit.

Book the cheap Almosafer flights & hotels to explore these wondrous historical, cultural, and archaeological sites with the blend of modern culture. 

1. King Fahd’s Fountain

Almosafer flights & hotels

King Fahd’s Fountain is the tallest fountain in the World which is located in the Middle of the Red Sea and provides a stunningly breathtaking view of the glamorous city of Jeddah. The glamorous and dazzling fountain of the beautiful city of Jeddah is one of the most visited landmark destinations for tourists who love to see the stunning view of the fountain.

It is an ancient historical location which was built in 1985 and named after King Fahd Bin Abdulaziz Al Saud. The ancient historical fountain is built with intricate design and architecture as it shoots water up to the heights of 853 feet which draws water through 7 pumps in the Red Sea and has 60 nozzles.

Visit this beautiful blend of historical and modern architectural structures with the cheap Almosafer flights & hotels. 

The landmark destination of King Fahd’s Fountain is one of the popular destinations among travellers who love to visit this wondrous location which operates only for 30 minutes daily. The fountain is lit at night with several colorful lights which present the stunning and magnificent view of the location in the middle of the city.

It is not just the historical and architectural locations but also a symbol of Saudi Arabia’s economic and technological progress as well. Visit this landmark destination with cheap Almosafer flights & hotels.

2. Red Sea Mall

Almosafer flights & hotels

Red Sea Mall is one of the largest shopping malls in Jeddah and the Middle East which has a diverse range of wondrous restaurants, shops, and massive famous international brands. The mall is a stunning landmark destination in Jeddah which has around 400 stores which comprise the international and local brands, restaurants, hypermarkets, cinemas, a family entertainment centre, and cafes.

The Red Sea Mall is one of the popular malls in the Middle East where travellers love to visit this beautiful and diverse place. The mall is designed intricately to fulfil the needs of the both local and international people to serve them luxurious brands, fashion, style, and amazing lifestyles. Visit this magnificent mall in Jeddah with cheap Almosafer flights & hotels.

Red Sea Mall is also renowned due to its stunning and magnificent architectural designs. However, the mall also serves the water fountain and glass atrium which serves as the central stunning point to capture travellers’ attention.

Book Almosafer flights & hotels to visit this wondrous modern architectural destination. 

3. Floating Mosque 

Almosafer flights & hotels

The floating mosque is located on the Red Sea and built in such a way that it appears to be floating on the Red Sea which captures the tourists’ attraction. However, the mosque is also known as Masjid Al Rahma which is one of the stunning landmark destinations in Jeddah to explore.

The mosque was completed in 1985 and it was architectured by the Egyptian architect Abdel-Wahid El-Wakil. The design of the wondrous architectural building is a mix of Islamic architecture with modern engineering. The mosque has a central colossal dome with smaller domes and minarets which are visible from the distance as well and present a stunning and mesmerising view of the architecture.

Visit this beautiful destination and book Almosafer flights & hotels which will make your travel affordable and exhilarating.

The floating mosque has a spacious space to offer prayers. However, it is only open to Muslims during prayer time. At night time, it exhibits a panoramic view of the Red Sea city skyline.

It is not only a religious site but also a prowess of Jeddah’s architectural style and engineering power. Book Almosafer flights & hotels to explore this wondrous site. 


Jeddah is a beautiful and vibrant city with a mix of historical and cultural heritage and it has many stunning and dazzling beaches which are worth visiting. It has history dates back to the ancient Ottoman empire where it was a main hub of trade and commerce.

The city is connected with various regions of Asia, Africa, and Europe through trade routes. Thus, it has a major commercial and business centre with a bustling port and airport which connects the city with several destinations.

If you want to visit this beautiful interconnected city with diverse culture and history but on a limited budget, book Almosafer flights & hotels right now.

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