Buckle Up and Bust These 7 Myths About Auto Transportation


Whether you’re making a long-distance purchase or moving to a new state, you need to transport your vehicle to your location. Auto transportation services are an option, but is shipping your vehicle a safe and reliable process? If you’ve heard some rumors and aren’t sure who to believe, here are seven common myths about auto transportation. 

All auto transport providers are the same 

The auto transport industry is the same as any other. You can find both reliable companies and services that may not deliver your vehicle to you on time. Look for vehicle shipping companies with high ratings and verified positive customer reviews. A transparent quoting and shipping system is something else you want in a company.

You also want the service to have 24/7 customer service, especially when your vehicle is in transit. Reliable auto transporters like Guardian Auto Transport will have the licensing, insurance, and customer testimonials to back up their reputation. 

It’s hard to prepare your vehicle for shipping 

Preparing your vehicle for shipping is effortless because your auto mechanic does most of the work. The mechanic will check for any issues, along with the fluids, tire pressure, and battery level. Clear out any personal belongings and take pictures of the entire vehicle. Leave about a quarter of a tank of gas in the car, and you’re good to go. The auto transport driver will do the rest of the work to load your vehicle into the transporter. 

You won’t get an accurate shipping quote 

All reputable auto transportation companies provide customers with accurate shipping costs. Most services also let you track expenses as your vehicle travels, preventing any surprise bills.

Always go with the lowest-priced shipping company 

Budget shipping is tempting but not worth the risk. You don’t have to go with the highest-priced auto transport service, but you also don’t want the cheapest one. These services often forego fully staffed customer service departments. You may not be able to reach anyone when your vehicle delivery is late.

Driving a car is cheaper than paying for shipping 

You can choose to drive your car instead of shipping, as long as it’s not international. You can enjoy the open road, but you probably aren’t saving any money. You are still paying for gas, and you also want to think about the unnecessary mileage piling up on your car. The extra mileage often results in expensive repairs.

It’s a waste of time to read the company’s reviews 

Company reviews are a great source of information. You can find out how clients feel about the service. Reviews will let you know if their vehicle is delivered on time and in the same condition you dropped it off. While positive reviews can give you peace of mind, negative ones can let you know it’s better to choose a different auto transport service.

It’s not safe to ship a vehicle in an open container 

It’s one of the biggest myths about auto transportation. Using open containers is a safe and popular way to ship a car. Closed containers provide a little extra protection, but the expense is usually reserved for classic, custom, and luxury cars.

Final word

Shipping your vehicle is safe and easy when you go with a high-quality auto transport service. Remember to do your research and don’t skip over the customer reviews. You can relax knowing your vehicle will arrive on time and without damage with the right auto shipping company.

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