Buying motorcycle clothing – tips and buying criteria


Riding a motorbike is great fun. The two-wheeler almost floats over the road and corners smoothly. The hum of the engine echoes deep inside the body, and the wind gently caresses the body. No wonder, there are so many people who regularly get on their motorbikes and go on extensive tours.

But as much fun as riding a bike is, it also poses great dangers. The bike has less grip than cars and easily runs off the road. In accidents with other road users, the motorcycle often gets the short end of the stick and the rider is thrown from the vehicle in a high arc. Falls at high speeds often have fatal consequences, as the rider hits the road unprotected. The only way to prevent injury is to wear good protective clothing.


Motorcycle helmet

In countless countries around the world, wearing a motorcycle helmet is mandatory. However, there are also places where helmets are only compulsory up to a certain age, and some legislators do not require them at all.

Still, the motorbike helmet is the be-all and end-all of the motorcycle clothing when riding. It protects the neck and prevents serious head injuries:

  • Size matters! The helmet must fit tightly and should not wobble when you move. Nevertheless, it should not pinch.
  • When the visor is closed, sufficient air must still be able to flow into the helmet.
  • Spectacle wearers should take their glasses with them when trying on their helmets.
  • The visor must be handy and should be operable even with gloves on.


Motorbike gloves are very underestimated. Bikers often think that they can do without this motorcycle gear. In fact, however, they are an important part of the equipment and should be worn in any case.

  • It is important that the material is non-slip and abrasion-resistant.
  • They should prevent the fingers from cooling down in wind and rain
  • The fabric should not restrict the movement of the fingers
  • The gloves must fit snugly, but must not constrict the blood
  • A wrist strap prevents the gloves from slipping off the wrist
  • Reflectors increase the safety of the motorcyclist


The right footwear also plays a major role when riding a motorbike. Because while some bikers choose not to buy special boots and shoes, footwear can prove to be a real boon in the event of an accident. They withstand heavy friction and ensure that feet and ankles are protected from wounds. A distinction is made between racing boots, motorbike shoes and boots. Which model you choose depends on your own preferences. The only thing you should pay attention to is that the footwear fits perfectly and allows a high degree of freedom of movement. The trouser legs should be able to be integrated into the shoe so that no exposed skin is visible. You can check these best boots to find what’s more suitable and comfortable for you.

Motorbike jacket and pants

Motorcycle clothing can be purchased as one-piece suits. The advantage is that the upper and lower parts are held in place and do not slip in the event of a fall. A one-piece is nevertheless considered extremely impractical, as it is rather awkward to put on and take off. So if you are not planning a long ride, it is better to opt for a combination of a cycling jacket and a jacket.

Another consideration is the material. In the past, motorcycle clothing was made exclusively of leather. The fabric is very durable and can withstand heavy pulling forces. Unfortunately, leather is not very breathable, which can be very uncomfortable in summer for the motorcycle rider. Textile fabrics, on the other hand, cannot match the abrasion resistance of leather, but they do have a high insulating capacity and breathability.

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