How much worth value has crypto currency grown in the last 10 years?


Cryptocurrencies have been around for about a decade now, and in that time, their worth has grown exponentially. Bitcoin, the first and most well-known cryptocurrency, was created in 2009 and was worth less than a penny at its inception. Today, a single Bitcoin is worth over $8,000.00. The meteoric rise in value has made cryptocurrencies an attractive investment opportunity for many people. But is this growth sustainable? And how long can it continue? These are questions that remain to be answered. In the meantime, though, cryptocurrencies will likely continue to…

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How Is It Beneficial To Invest In Gold Bars And Coins?

Gold bars

Investing in precious metals like gold, in the form of coins and bars is considered to be the most stable kind of investment. Some consider that investing in real estate is better than investing in gold but the real estate business is subjected to fluctuations in the economy that might lead to a sharp fall in the prices. Moreover, this investment also requires maintenance costs. KALITA.GOLD is an established company operating since 2000 in Prague that sells as well as buys invested and collected gold mince and bars and other…

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How to Mitigate the Challenges of Crypto Market Cycles?


Cryptocurrencies are pretty much in their early developmental stages, which are incredibly volatile. This volatility can be a significant challenge for businesses and individuals who want to invest. This is one of the important reasons why understanding crypto market cycles is necessary for every beginner. Here you can learn how to mitigate the challenges of crypto market cycles. This article will provide tips for investing in cryptocurrencies during bull and bear markets. What are Crypto Market Cycles? Cryptocurrencies are traded on decentralized exchanges and can also be used to purchase…

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