Augmented Reality and its Benefits: How can it support the educational sector?


What is Augmented Reality? The educational sector has changed significantly with the start of online education as it not only allowed changes in the teaching methods but also through the implementation of Technology in the same. Considering the case of Augmented reality technology it can be defined as a method whose objective is to work towards providing an enhanced version of the real world mostly by making use of digital visual elements including sound or any other sensory stimuli. All of these aspects are delivered through technology so that a…

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LIC Provides a Contract of Good Faith


LIC was founded in 1956; two hundred operating companies were merged to form the consortium. The institution was formed to offer a wide range of insurance services to citizens of India with long term and short term objectives. LIC has launched many unique insurance plans, including traditional endowment plans, term insurance and tailor-made ULIPs and money back and pension plans. The company has introduced a digital payment gateway and portal for the convenience of businesses and customers. The major accomplishment of the company is the acceptance of life insurance policies…

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Speech Therapy: What Is It?

speech therapist office

Speech therapy may need to be provided for speech disorders in childhood and impairments in adults caused by injuries or illnesses, such as stroke. Why Should You Seek Speech Therapy? Speech therapy is a treatment option for many speech and language disorders. Fluency Conditions. A fluency disorder is a condition that affects the flow, speed, and rhythm of speech. Stuttering is a sign of fluency. Someone with stuttering can have difficulty making a sound. Acoustic Disorders. The blockage of airflow in the oral or nasal cavities can cause disruption or…

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6 Important Tips For Your Final Weeks Of USMLE Step 1 Study


If you are in medical school, you have probably heard how the United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) Step 1 is essential. This will be your first board test on becoming a full-fledged physician. Therefore passing the step 1 exam is very important if you want to continue your medical studies. You can pass the exam with adequate preparation. Here are tips to help you prepare for USMLE Step 1: 1. Make and stick to a study schedule The USMLE step 1 covers a wide range of topics and having…

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Why Your Child Should Use English Teaching Books?

English Teaching Book

It is well-known that as kids grow up, they need variety to help them keep their brains active. But are you giving your child enough? If they’re just watching TV or playing on their computer, they need more to get better at concepts in a fun way other than coloring books and board games – those only make up one small part of their day.  What is the benefit of using English teaching books? There are many benefits of using English teaching books with your child. One benefit is that…

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Why Crossword Puzzles Are Beneficial To Your Health?

Crossword Puzzle

If you are looking for an activity that helps your brain grow and develop, consider playing a crossword puzzle. Crossword puzzles, also known as word games, contain six small grids of clues that require the player to make logical connections across the rows and down the columns (these are called “words”). This can become more stimulating than other traditional games when you keep adding new letters to words within each grid. It also releases neurotransmitters in your brain that leave you feeling less stressed out. Crossword puzzles are beneficial to…

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Interviewing Mr. Mayank Srivastava: Understanding the Visionary’s Idea of Experts’ Global

practice questions

What inspired you to return to India after the Boston University MBA? I had already formulated Experts’ Global even before I started my MBA. So, coming back to India was always the plan. I used my time at the school to learn from the program but I never built my resume or even joined my cohort in looking for jobs or internships; I used the beyond class hours to grow my firm. I wanted to have built a rock-solid foundation for the firm, even before my return to India. God…

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Key Stage 3 Science Curriculum and Tuition For School Going Children

Key Stage 3

Key Stage 3 is the final stage of primary education in England and Wales. It’s where science tuition and learning begin to kick off. Therefore, the Key Stage 3 Science curriculum is essential, and Science tuition is key to ensuring that students can make the most of the fascinating subject. It would be beneficial for parents to understand the new curriculum. It would help them decide on the kind of tuition their child needs. Students in Key Stage 3 are at a crucial point in their education. Topics in Science…

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Seven Reasons Why Nursing is a Great Career Choice

demand for nurses in the US

Nursing is a career path that is all about being there for and helping your patients while offering a high-quality standard of patient care. This makes it an ideal career choice for people who are looking for work that is going to be fulfilling and rewarding while allowing them to be there for and help other people every day. When you work as a nurse, you will be there for the people who need it most, bringing happiness and comfort to people during some of the toughest times of their…

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What is the Best Reason to Register Your Kids for Summer Camp?

Summer Camp

One of the best benefits of summer camp is giving them a break from day-to-day activities. You or your children could benefit in many ways if you register them for a summer camp either through their school or the public school district. Camp counseling can be educational and help set goals for individuals who might have lacked direction in their lives in order to take steps into greater opportunities.  With summer camps, kids and parents have the option to spend quality time exploring as many activities as they want from…

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