Party wear jewellery: How to set yourself apart


If you like bling, party jewellery is the fashion accessory that you should be watching out for. The assorted party jewellery collection available today is appealing and desirable and you can get them in stone studded designs too. This particular collection is revamped with the usage of semi-precious stones and colourful gemstones as they help add a designer look to every jewellery piece.  Celebration and parties are an essential part of civilisation. It is that time when you get to share your joy and enthusiasm with the folks in your…

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The Most Stunning And Trendy Sheeshpattis in 2022

bridal necklace

Hair accessories have always been a rage when it comes to bridal jewellery ever since forever. From matha pattis to maang tikkas to paasas, there has been no Era in which we haven’t seen these accessories glamming up the bridal jewellery set! Sispattis has made a comeback too, for a more minimalistic look, if that’s what a bride is going for! Brides are also renting online bridal jewellery sets with matching mathapattis and then pairing it up with sheeshpatti to give a rather heavier look! Right from our Bollywood celebrities…

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Mistakes often Made while Curling Your Hair and How to Fix Them Beautifully

Curling Hair

Curling hair plays a great role in styling your tresses however it isn’t easy as a child’s play. There are lots of small things to be considered for perfect hair curling. Otherwise, there are chances of making multiple mistakes that can result in hair looking absolutely messy. The first and foremost thing that matters is to have an efficient, simple to function curling device. Many people buy inferior quality ones unknowingly and regret later. You can buy the best ones that help to instantly curl your hair in a few…

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5 Reasons To Use An Eye Cream

5 Reasons To Use An Eye Cream

It can be overwhelming to know which products are necessary when there are so many beauty products on offer. Five reasons you can’t afford to use eye cream. Find out more about the advantages of eye creams, and how to order a tube.   Under-Eye Skin Damage Shows The delicate skin around your eyes is very delicate, thin, and vulnerable. It is less strong than other skin and is, therefore, more easily damaged. This hypersensitive skin can become very sensitive to environmental stressors, UV radiations, and fatigue. The skin will…

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Different Ray-Ban Sunglasses To Buy Online

Ray-Ban sunglasses

Whether you’re wearing a suit or T-Shirt and shorts, Ray-Ban sunglasses are sure to be a hit with your wardrobe. These classic and stylish shades are crafted with 100 percent UV protection and a streamlined design that will complement any style.  If you are looking for a pair of sunglasses that protect your vision without being oversized, consider the aviator style. Ray-Ban sunglasses are a must-have accessory for summer or any warm-weather activity. Whether you’re going out for the day or heading out for a long run, this style will…

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Most Common Watch Straps Materials


Which one is best? Watch straps have a significant impact on your watch’s appearance. You can select both the watch and the Fitbit Versa Strap provided by Fitbit Gear ( to ensure that your wristwatch will look great all the time. Quality wristwatch straps should be selected based on their material. You should also be mindful of the overall look and functionality as these are key aspects that give you satisfaction. There are many different materials that wristwatches can be made from. Let’s have a look at of the most commonly…

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The World Top Leather Bags Fall 2022…

Pasjeshouder heren

We love bags and nachtlampje! But we should not pay for an arm and a leg just for a furry purse for our favorite brands like Gucci and Chanel Pasjeshouder heren. Good hope these online brands pay special attention to what to sell and how to sell it and in addition to guaranteeing the authenticity of the items, they create a worthy shopping experience for a luxury boutique. At a time when responsible use is more important than ever, these online stores are a great way to clean your closet…

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What Equipment Do You Need For Lash Extensions?

eyelash extension supplies

The lash extension has been entirely around the town serving like hotcakes. This process certainly has some designated tools that the lash artists require to function efficiently. Today we have listed a few must-have eyelash extension supplies along with the reason to have them. Have a look! Lash Tweezers Tweezers are an essential tool for lashing. You must have two pairs of tweezers to perform a lash service. Why so? Well, the first set of tweezers, isolation tweezers, is precisely for “isolating” each natural lash to confirm a clean application.…

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Hair Shades – An Insight

hair shades

Hair Colours amp up your look and make your tresses extremely gorgeous. Be it an event or a regular day, you can rock any look with the best hair shades. There are a lot of shades for you to choose from. But everyone seems to be confused while selecting hair colours. This confusion arises because we don’t know our skin tone or undertone. Well, if you wish to know your skin tone, you can take up the jewellery test. In this test, you have to try gold and silver jewellery.…

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How to Match a Neon Green Bag With Your Outfits

green bag

A neon green bag can be a great addition to your outfits, but only if you match it correctly. It is the perfect color to add some fun and vibrancy to your outfits. However, matching a neon green bag with your outfits can be tricky. First, you need to consider the colors of your clothes. If most of your wardrobe is neutral shades like black, white, or grey, then it’s best to choose a neon bag in one of those colors. If you have more colorful clothing, then go for…

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