Unraveling The Husky Myth: Is It Safe To Pet a Husky?

Is it safe to pet a husky

Are huskies really as dangerous as their reputation suggests? Many people are intrigued by these beautiful and majestic dogs but are hesitant to approach them due to the fear of aggression. In this article, we will unravel the husky myth and answer the burning question: is it safe to pet a husky? Contrary to popular belief, huskies are typically known for their friendly and sociable nature. Bred as sled dogs, they are brilliant, energetic, and have a strong pack mentality. While some individuals may exhibit dominant or aloof behavior, this…

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Unveiling The Myth: Debunking Are Pomeranians Bossy?

Are Pomeranians Bossy

Are Pomeranians bossy? It’s a question that dog enthusiasts and potential owners have often asked. With their confident demeanor and small size, Pomeranians have earned a reputation for being stubborn and dominating. But is this stereotype based on fact or fiction? In this article, we delve deep into the world of Pomeranians to uncover the truth behind their alleged bossiness. With insights from experienced dog trainers and dedicated Pomeranian owners, we examine their temperament, behavior, and interactions to separate myth from reality. Understanding Pomeranian Behavior To understand whether Pomeranians are…

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Debunking the Myth: Do Pomeranians get jealous easily?

Debunking the Myth: Do Pomeranians get jealous easily?

Are Pomeranians prone to jealousy? This age-old question has sparked countless debates among dog enthusiasts. If you’ve ever owned a Pomeranian or are considering bringing one into your home, you may be curious to know if these adorable fluff balls are prone to feelings of jealousy. This article aims to debunk the myth and shed light on the truth behind Pomeranian jealousy. Understanding jealousy in dogs Jealousy is often associated with possessiveness and the fear of losing someone’s attention or affection. While dogs are known to be loyal and protective,…

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What You Need to Know About Raising a Puppy


Introduction Are you thinking about getting a new puppy? Are you already the proud owner of a cute little bundle of fur? Great! Puppies are adorable and fun, but they also require a lot of care. In this article, we’ll discuss some tips for raising your puppy so that it grows into an amazing adult dog. Exercise Take your puppy out for a walk. Before you start, make sure that you have a leash and collar on him. Make sure you have the right place to take him to the…

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Why Enzyme Cleaners are the Best Option for Pet Owners

Girl & Dog

As a pet owner, you’re always seeking the best products to keep your home clean and free from your furry friend’s dirt and debris. While you love your pet, you also want to maintain a healthy and clean home. As well as helping those who live inside the property, it also helps to keep your home presentable for all guests. Long story short, you need enzyme cleaners in your home…and this article will break down why. What are Enzyme Cleaners? First and foremost, enzyme cleaners are products that use enzymes…

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The Benefits of a Huge Cat Tree

Cat Tree

There are many benefits of having a huge cat tree, such as it’s great for your kitty’s overall health, giving you some much-needed peace and quiet while they play, or providing a lot of entertainment! If you’ve always wanted to get a big cat tree in the house but didn’t know where to start, this blog article will cover the best top brands so that you can find what works best for your cats. What Are Some of the Benefits of Having a Huge Cat Tree? The benefits of having…

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Are you still being a good dog parent?


There is something about dog training resources that have always given me a break. Dogs or Eurasier need structure. Dogs and Pekinees need a schedule. Dogs and Chow chow need perseverance. Just typing it makes my palms sweat. I don’t know if it’s enough, or if, after seven years with Matilda and Cow, I’m still skeptical. Can you relate? We don’t work on training every day. Some days the whole structure goes out the window. And sometimes we have the best days where we get plenty of exercise, training time,…

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Why You Might Need a Cat Door


Taking care of cats at home gives pleasure. Almost everybody has a pet cat. Cats are adorable, which is why people love having them as pets. Additionally, cats absorb negative energy, so it always brightens the mood in the house. Cats bring unconditional love and companionship to their owners and are great stress relievers. Pet owners who want to give their cats the freedom to roam outside the house should buy cat doors. It allows their pet to go in and out sans the hassle. What is a cat door? The small…

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Purebred vs. Mixed Breed: Which is Right for You?


Adopting a pet dog is a big deal. When considering what kind of dog to adopt, many think of the breed and the source. Many people question if they should adopt a mixed breed or purebred dog. Before you know which four-legged friend is suitable for your lifestyle, there are a few things to consider, such as expectations, pros and cons of mixed breeds, pros and cons of purebreds, and how to find a reputable breeder.  Expectations When considering dog adoption, the first thing to think about is what you’re…

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Is Lhasa Apso Dog The Breed For You

Lhasa Apso Dog

Is Lhasa Apso Dog The Breed For You? When it comes to dog training, pet obedience, and a pup that looks like it stepped off of a magazine cover, show dogs and competitions may just be your calling. If you enjoy grooming and cuddling your pup, showing him how to perform tricks, tasks, and poses (yes there is such a thing believe it or not), you need a dog breed that is going to live up to the task.  Thankfully, dogs have been bred and cared for in such a…

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