Chronic stress – How massage can help

Chronic stress – how massage can help

Our autonomic nervous system, which controls our body’s automatic functions such as heart rate and digestion, is made up of two branches: the sympathetic nervous system (ANS) and the parasympathetic nervous system (PNS). The brain controls these branches, constantly alternating between them Massage Center near Metro.


SNS is activated when we are faced with excitement, threat, or challenge. Our body prepares for a “fight or flight”: we start to breathe faster to get more blood into the blood, heart rate and blood pressure rise to carry more blood to the muscles, the muscles tighten to be ready for action, and our adrenal glands inject adrenaline into the bloodstream to improve and maintain this ANS activity. Our digestive system slows down to conserve energy. And sometimes the contents can be drained first! Massage Center near Metro


At the same time, our brain also activates a chemical reaction: stress hormones are produced, the main of which is cortisol. They help release more energy and suppress inflammatory and allergic reactions.


This “acute stress reaction” dates back to ancient times: when we encountered a bear, we could fight it or run away. Cortisol guaranteed that we could do this even with a sprained ankle. These days, of course, we don’t often encounter bears. But the SNS and the chemical reaction are also activated when our manager announces the dismissal, or our spouse suddenly tells us that he wants a divorce.

When the stressor is removed

When the stressor is removed, our brain switches to the PNS branch. It is a part of the nervous system which participates in the normal and relaxed functioning of the systems of our body. When PNS is enabled, SNS is disabled. Our heart rate and blood pressure drop again, breathing becomes slow and deep, blood circulation normalizes, muscles relax, digestion begins again. It is a state of rest and repair.


The stress response was originally designed for a short period of time in order to avoid or cope with an acute (physically) external situation. However, nowadays chronic stress (psychological or emotional) is more and more common. Financial problems, a long illness in the family, or an unsatisfactory job can all be the cause of chronic stress.

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During chronic stress, the brain can no longer switch to PNS activity, and we do not return to a state of rest and recovery. Cortisol continues to suppress our immune system and our ANS maintains a higher heart rate and blood pressure. Our muscles become chronically tense and painful, and lactic acid builds up, fluid flow and muscle function are restricted.

Our digestive system remains depressed.


So how do we get back to this state of rest and repair? Can massage help?


When we receive a message, “tactile” messages are sent to our brain. Then our brain decides if the touch is positive. He does this by comparing it to similar experiences in the past. If the message is perceived as a positive experience, the SNP is activated and the cortisol yield decreases.

Now the body returns to a state of rest and recovery: while enjoying the massage, our breathing and blood circulation slows down, our anxiety decreases, and sometimes our stomachs even start to growl, a sign that our digestive system is also coming back to sleep. normal.


For example, massage stimulates our circulation by helping to transport nutrients and remove waste. And our muscles can be relieved from chronic tension, as some massage techniques locally stimulate and stretch muscle fibers. Lactic acid and other wastes are removed, and oxygen and nutrients are flushed out through the muscles. We can deepen our breathing even more by massaging the respiratory muscles. Abdominal massage can help with digestive problems. Indian Massage in Al Barsha


After a pleasant massage, we feel more relaxed, feel less pain and sleep better. Our body, like our mind, has a chance to recover from the effects of a prolonged stress response. Regular massage can help prevent a return to this chronic disease, maintaining a healthy balance in our body for a long time. Which also makes us happier!

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