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What is a massage?

The word “masso” is derived from the Greek word “masso,” which meaning “to touch.” This is a form of therapy where the muscles are needed to make them flexible, giving the person an overall feeling of relaxation. Today, massage therapy is becoming a success due to the growing awareness of health. Stiffness in the neck, shoulder, joint, and headache pain that people experience is part of the stress or fatigue associated with work. According to David Palmer, an employee of the first massage chair, massage therapy with massage chairs can be very helpful in alleviating these problems Body Massage in Al Karama.

Currently, obtaining service from a professional masseur can be very expensive – from the US $ 40 to the US $ 100, depending on the level and training of the therapist. Aspirin and other over-the-counter medications are sometimes used to treat stress. They offer a more natural and drug-free way. Spa in Al Karama



Therapists and health gurus claim that massage chairs have cured many diseases and unhealthy conditions. Muscles cause joint stiffness and pain from over-stretched muscles, and they can be directly provided by a soothing massage on a massage chair. It is also known to improve blood circulation, flush out toxins, and help oxygen reach vital organs and tissues. Other benefits include:

  • Stress reduction
  • Relief of insomnia, joint pain, fatigue
  • Better postures, breathing
  • General well-being

Massage chairs are available on request. Manufacturers have assured consumers of the quality and have also designed these chairs to offer a variety of shiatsu, Swedish, acupressure, and reflexology massages.


The main reasons why you should buy

The big question is why should a person spend a lot instead of visiting a local spa. I got several benefits that will help you decide that massage chairs not only help maintain a healthy lifestyle but also bring benefits. You will often find these chairs in malls or gadget stores waiting for you to try them out. To some, these cars may look like a crowded sofa, but do people really buy them? Here are some great reasons why you should buy a massage chair.

Body Massage in Al Karama

  1. There is a question of “convenience”. No need to call a meeting at the local spa. You can go there anytime, even during a break from work, and have a massage. Now you are productive at work and don’t want to go. Machine availability is also an important factor and can be used at any time when the need arises. After complete relaxation, you wonder why you haven’t invested in a massage chair before?


  1. Technology. Chairs grew rapidly. In addition to a wide range of massage treatments, there are several types, including those that work automatically, such as massaging the muscles of the back, ankles, legs, and neck.


  1. Confidentiality. Convenience is important with privacy. Not all people feel comfortable when other people touch them. The point is, most local resorts require you to be half-naked. For personal use, a massage chair can provide the privacy of your own home.


  1. Functionality. The chairs are designed to adapt to any environment when not in use. It can be transformed into a large sofa or a comfortable chair.


Business Company | Body Massage in Al Karama

There is a type of massage chair that is ideal for small businesses. These are massage chairs. As the quoted word suggests, you put in a certain amount of money to run the machine. This type of commercial massage chair costs a dollar for a 15-minute massage service. People everywhere can certainly afford it with all the privileges mentioned earlier in this article.


Chair massage therapy – instant help at an affordable price

While traditional massage therapy is performed in a therapist’s office or spa/salon, chair massage therapy can be performed almost anytime or anywhere, making it a convenient option for people who seem always be on the move. This is just one of the reasons why chair massage is more and more popular and offered in shopping malls, offices, exhibitions, private social events, and almost every other place where people are. seeking affordable relief from stress and tension.

How is a chair massage different from a traditional massage? In addition to being done outside of the salon, it is slightly shorter than a regular massage but provides the same relaxing benefits. Using a specially designed massage chair, a trained therapist treats major stress areas – neck, back, shoulders, and arms – to relieve the stress of the day. Another reason for its popularity is the fact that in addition to being offered in a traditional massage parlor, they are being introduced to massage shops, individual kiosks, and businesses all over the place.

Benefits of a chair massage

So what are the benefits of a chair massage? First, it is done over the clothes; some people feel uncomfortable with traditional massage techniques that require you to completely undress. By massaging the chair outside, you can avoid the discomfort they may experience in the cabin. Second, because the massage is done outdoors, a person can see what it means by looking at others.

It seems that a growing number of companies (several Fortune 500s) are offering massage therapy – in the form of sedentary massage – as a benefit to their employees. They found that chair massage has a very positive effect on production and morale. Anyone who works knows that one of the main sources of stress in our daily life comes from our workplace. This stress costs employers millions, if not billions of dollars each year in lower productivity, higher health care costs, in addition to absenteeism and disability.

Fatigue at work is spreading in our country, especially last year. We all recognize the symptoms: stiff neck, narrow shoulders, and pain in the wrists. These symptoms worsen if the ergonomics of their workstation are not balanced, which is often the case. All of these symptoms affect employee productivity, reduce energy, hamper blood flow, and exacerbate the effects of mental nebula and carpal tunnel. Body Massage in Al Karama


Let’s look at some of the benefits of a sedentary message for employers.

  • It works for anyone anywhere.
  • Results are immediate. provide instant gratification.
  • You can add chair massage therapy to enhance your benefits package.


So why do employees like to give a chair massage at work?

  • Makes them feel important to their employer.
  • Relieves tired muscles and stress caused by stress at work.
  • Combats the effects of prolonged sitting and repetitive work.
  • Makes them feel instant energy and motivation.

So as an employer, employee, or just a regular guy, you might be wondering what a chair massage does for your wallet. Seated massage sessions are shorter, which means a more affordable option for rejuvenating the body and mind. It really is the perfect solution for the rest of the people who are on the road.

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