Common Problems That Can Occur After A Dental Implant Surgery

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A dental implant is one of the finest inventions of developed medical science! This procedure gifts you a perfect smile permanently. This is important to mention that the treatment involves surgery that sees a titanium implant screw capped by a crown getting fitted in the place of a missing or damaged tooth. 

Per Adelaide cosmetic dentistry, this procedure improves the appearance and protects the jaw bone from early damage by supporting it with a screw. Although there are just no limits to the benefits that dental implant provides, being a surgical method, it shouldn’t be neglected that it does have some complications in the long run.

But what are the common problems post the surgery? Let’s find out!

Post Surgical Complications 

If you have decided to get a dental implant to improve your appearance, you should know all the consequences you might have to deal with after the procedure. 

As the procedure features the dentist screwing your jaw and gum, it’s no surprise that it can bring severe long-term complications. Some such are listed below.

Common Problems Post Dental Implants

  1. Infection

Dentists in Adelaide say that infection is the most common problem among patients after surgical procedures. The gums and jaw, which get exposed to the environment during the infection, quickly catch up with any infection. To get through this, regular consultation with the concerned dentist is necessary. 

The management differs according to the nature of the infection. For example, a bacterial gum infection can be cured with antibiotics. At the same time, a bacterial infection in the jaw might need bone or implant removal. 

  1. Nerve Damage

The surgery has a potential risk as there are high chances of damage to the surrounding nerve tissues. Especially the damage to the Inferior Alveolar nerve (IAN) is the worst of it all. 

The damage of IAN leads to specific symptoms such as excruciating pain, discomfort, and even a burning sensation in the gums. Not only that, but there will also be a loss of sensation on the side of the implant, chin, and lower lip.

  1. Gum Recession

Gum recession is a common problem that results in the pulling away of the gum tissue exposing the roots. Thus there is a high chance that the implant may come off. 

  1. Cracks In The Implants

Sometimes, people tend to grind or apply excessive force while chewing something, which tends to damage the dental implants there are high chances of cracks in the implant, and even a concern of a loosened implant is also not negligible.

Long Term Complaints

It is safe to say that dental implant-related side effects can also occur after a long time of the surgery. This kind of problem includes swelling or pain in the implant’s surrounding area or sometimes the implant’s rejection due to metal sensitivity.

Now You Know!

So, that was all about the consequences you might encounter after your dental implant procedure. Hope you’re clear with all of it. If you have any doubt left, contact the expert dentists in Adelaide. All the best!

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