Decision Tree – The Logical way to enhance the customer experience across all channels

Decision Tree

A decision tree is a simple visual tool that provides customer-centric solutions, thus being the backbone of any organization. A decision tree is a one-stop solution for multiple needs of a growing organization. It can be customized to suit the organization’s needs and enhances the efficiency of all stakeholders. Integrating the best decision tree software in your workflow is the easiest way to represent a complex solution in a streamlined manner that is user-friendly and simple to understand.

Decision Tree

A decision tree is a structural graph that shows all information in the form of a tree and begins with a problem statement or a query. It further has different questions with all possible consequences and predefined responses. The top node in the tree states a query that branches out into various user responses. Based on the user responses, it further branches out into sub-nodes having queries and possible responses. This process goes on till a solution is arrived at or when it cannot be broken down further.

A decision tree software can be integrated over all customer touchpoints so that relevant information is easily accessible by all users over multiple platforms. Decision tree software proves helpful in both assisted and digital channels.


Assisted Channels – Agents at various call centers use their communication skills to handle complicated queries of harried customers who may not be in the mood to wait for a solution.

Decision trees come to the rescue of the agent in such situations as he can easily access the required information and deliver the solution. The decision trees are available as a single screen solution that is easily readable. All an agent has to do is raise a ticket and use AI recognition to find a quick solution. He then reads out the problem statement and provides multiple solutions to the user who then opts for the one that is suitable to him. All this is accomplished within minutes and the user doesn’t have to wait for a long time.


Digital Channels – Integrating a decision tree software over self-service platforms makes the whole process easy for the user to read, interpret and apply so that the query is resolved within a short time. Customers prefer self-service platforms rather than waiting for their query to be assigned to an agent and then staying online while the agent finds a solution.


Advantages of a good decision tree software for an organization


  • First Call Resolution – Customers expect their queries to be resolved as quickly as possible. A decision tree software helps an agent to deliver resolutions quickly and accurately, closing the ticket in a short time. Moreover, they keep the customer engaged and exhibit exceptional service quality that helps in retaining loyal customers.
  • Average Handle Time – The time taken by an agent to close a ticket goes a long way in maintaining customer loyalty. A high AHT rate adversely affects the customer‘s trust and may result in customer churns. A decision tree software empowers the agents with adequate information readily available so that the AHT is considerably reduced.
  • Omnichannel Presence – A decision tree software collates all relevant data on a single platform. Whatever channel the customer may use to raise a ticket, the solution is quickly delivered through the same channel.
  • Comprehensive representation of Data – It is a systematic graphical representation that logically provides answers. Each answer is further analyzed, tracing the various paths till a conclusion is reached. Most decision trees provide an exhaustive list of probable solutions and all possible outcomes. The agents can use this information to make crucial decisions, hence promote repeat sales in the future. A decision tree tool that is backed by machine learning and AI can bring a monumental shift in business growth.
  • Versatile – A decision tree can be used to resolve several problems and queries. You can enter both variable and numerical data in a decision tree and thus helps store all kinds of data and information.
  • Cost-effective solution – A decision tree reduces repeated communication and results in FCR(First call resolution). Increased FCR’s reduce the number of calls and bring down the overall cost. Customers can troubleshoot problems by navigating through the app with the help of a decision tree integrated into the process. This considerably reduces the number of tickets being generated and brings down the customer service cost. As customers start using the self-service channel, the organization needs a fewer number of agents, thus saving on expenses.
  • Training Tool – The decision tree software helps in training the existing employees from time to time to keep them updated. Besides, the tool helps in the onboarding of new employees in a short time.
  • Flexibility – Decision trees are highly accurate and can be adapted to solve any kind of query. You can add or record data according to your requirement. It can be customized so that it is easily accessible to all stakeholders. Thus the organization consistently provides an enhanced customer experience.
  • Interactive Decision trees – The interactive decision tree tool identifies the simplest solution to complicated queries. Analysis with the help of a decision tree produces better results when working as a team. It allows all team members to consider and evaluate all options and outcomes together, no matter where they are. It helps you to quickly visualize and analyze the possible consequences of important decisions before implementing them.


The decision trees provide an effective method of making decisions by clearly laying out the problem and analyzing all consequences till the best solution is reached. Businessmen often use decision trees to handle vague situations and come to the right conclusion. It will not be wrong to say that decision trees have revolutionized the process of decision-making. Needless to say, you need the best software for the decision tree to resolve queries across multiple channels. While agents need it to reduce the overall call handling time, customers find it useful to navigate the channels on the self-service platform. It plays an important role in driving sales, crafting campaigns, and retaining customers, thus increasing the brand affinity.

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