Different Types of Cakes that every Cake Lover must Know

Cakes are best to have for dessert, snacks, and even for celebrations. There is no reason and time to have cake. Travelling with your group buddies with a slice of cake makes the moment more cheerful with added flavour to your taste and life. Exploring cake is one of the best things to do because you will never have less on your plate. Whereas someone has said, life is too short for tasting every birthday cake”!

But, we here won’t say it is impossible to explore every kind of cake because we are here to make your journey of exploring various kinds of cakes easy and interesting. And so that you won’t miss a chance to taste the most exclusive kind of cake in your lifespan!

We have presented some of the best, exclusive and unknown cakes that you have probably not tasted till now. So let’s get started with the new journey of exploring different types of cake that every cake lover must know about!


7 Different Types of Exclusive Cake that you must taste in your lifespan!

 Here are the seven types of different cakes that you probably don’t know to exist. These cakes are different in their characters and texture. All of these cakes hold different recipes of their own. And so different from each other in various forms. So let’s get started!

Unbaked Flourless Cakes

Cakes are all about baking and flour. But there are some special kinds of cake that are unbaked and flourless. These are cheesecake mousse cakes. These are moulded before chilling and whose crust is baked before the filling. These kinds of cakes are typically served as an after-meal dessert. Because of its foamy and light texture. It happens to be the best light and delicious dessert among the varieties of cakes. The unbaked flourless cake includes-

  • Strawberry chocolate mousse cake
  • No-Bake Lemon Cheesecake
  • No-Bake Lime Mousse Torte

The variety in making this cake depends on the creativity of the maker. You can decide the fillings of your own, just like pineapple cheesecake or ice cream cheesecake. As these don’t require baking, you can serve them in small dishes or small glasses, making them look prettier than ever. These cakes’ light and foamy texture make us order cake wherever we are by online cake delivery in Hyderabad and enjoy our after-meal perfecto dessert!

Distinctive types and styles of Butter Cakes

Here are other kinds of butter cakes for you. This variant is more popular in the market. And also the crowd favourite. Have you tasted it yet? The Butter Cakes have more varieties than you can imagine! The moist nature of a butter cake includes butter, margarine, vegetable shortening, are the best part. The butter cakes are usually airy and lighter versions of any cake. The smooth and spongy cake is just like our favourite sponge cake or angel food cake. These are easy to make and delicious on your plates.

Another type of butter cake is American-style butter cake. This type of butter cake is much popular in the U.S because of its thick icing and filling. They become full of interesting layering in every bite.

Some more examples are Strawberry Lemonade Cake, Dark Chocolate cake, etc.

Pound Cakes

Pound cakes are soft, smooth, sweet and spongy. There is nothing that we can’t love about the nature of pound cake. The variety of sweet toppings and creaming of the butter gives the Pound Cake an airy, moist texture. In addition, pound cakes have a dense and velvety texture that no one can deny loving.

The best kinds of Pound cakes include chocolate pound cake. The basic recipe of Poundcake always goes hand in hand with ice creams and chocolate flavouring. The thick chocolate layering gives the pound cake a taste beyond imagination. More varieties that go well with Pound Cakes recipe are Key Lime Pound Cake, Brown Sugar Pound Cake, Banana Pound Cake.

This pound cake gives us the best varieties of taste that can go ahead with any elegance in the cake world! So send cake online to your friends and surprise them with the choices you have in exploring the several kinds of cake.

Any cakes that are served are delicious in their way. But these above-mentioned are some of the best varieties that you may not want to miss tasting, ordering, or even baking.

Fresh Berry Vanilla cake

The design of the cake is great and it is the best cake for family parties. This cake is very smooth and juicy. The outer layer of the cake is covered with rich vanilla cream and the inner layers of the cake are filled with berries. Strawberry sauce mixed with tiny pieces of berries is filled in the middle of the cake.

Two types of berries are decorated at the top of the cakes. It is a very attractive cake. Ingredients used in these cakes are Flour, Butter, Sugar, vanilla extract, fresh cream, baking powder, milk, Strawberry and Blueberry. Strawberry and blueberry are used for garnishing on the top of the cake.

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