Divorce Application – How Was It Before and How is It Now

Upset in matrimonial life has a way of affecting the emotional and financial life of the spouses and their family and friends. However, when there is no emotional or sexual attachment between the spouses, then the best way to lead a happy life in the further years is by legal separation. The online divorce services will be a helping hand for people in need. 

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Divorce Application 

During the 18th and 19th centuries, husbands initiated most of the divorce cases, and obtaining the legal separation was done via the Private Act of Parliament.

However, as the years rolled and laws became more prominent, many acts and laws were added to the divorce rules, and the wife is also granted the same rights as the husband for divorce application. 

  • Parliament Granted Divorce 

The parliament will grant a divorce for a spouse only when there is a case of adultery filed by them. When the act of adultery by the husband included the life-threatening acts by him towards the wife, then the parliament would consider the case and proceed accordingly.

However, this petition was quite costlier for the poor and not many such cases were filed during these ages. 

  • Matrimonial Causes Act introduced in the 1860s 

Even though many acts for matrimonies were introduced in the 1860s, the grounds for applying for divorce remained the same.

Nowadays, wives can apply for a divorce when there is an involvement of desertion or cruelty issues in their married life, but during the 1860s, the only possible way of separation was the adultery petition. 

  • Special court 

During the reign of Queen Victoria, some of the divorce cases were allowed to be transferred to the special court from the parliament with the introduction of the Royal Commission in the year 1853. 

Family Laws 

Some of the issues may not be considered as complex ones but can become complex legal issues when there is an involvement of certain acts by any of the spouses. Hence, to know whether your petition is solid for applying for a divorce or not, you can take the help of a legal solicitor.

The experienced solicitors will make sure that they touch every sensitive issue in the divorce case and come up with the best solution for their clients. 

With the help of online divorce services, you can expect many benefits, unlike the normal divorce proceedings. These services will make sure that your case is completed as early as possible and will come with court-approved guarantees.

There will be no hidden charges that will be billed to you after the completion of the case, and the petitioners need not appear for any hearing. This is why a large and growing percentage of divorce petitioners now use online divorce services in the UK and Wales. 

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