divorce reasons in india

Marriage is a gorgeous union of 2 people and their families.

However, maintaining the sanctity of the bond is difficult unless both parties are willing to work on it. It takes a lot of effort and devotion to maintain this religious relationship for a lifetime.

Divorce cases are on the rise nowadays, and there are a variety of reasons for divorce in India. In this article, we will look at some of the major reasons for divorce.

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In India, There Are Six Reasons For Divorce.

  1. Lack Of Compatibility

In India, the most common reason for divorce is incompatibility. Incompatibility issues are most common in arranged marriages where the couple does not know each other well, and incompatibility occurs not only between couples but also between in-laws and the girl. As a result, the girl finds it difficult to manage her responsibilities, which eventually leads to small fights that escalate into large fights. Incompatibility can also occur as a result of a misalignment of thoughts, values, and needs.

  1. Communication Breakdown

Miscommunication is the second most common cause of divorce in India. In fact, miscommunication is at the root of almost every problem.

Because of this communication issue, small fights can escalate into large ones. Assumption and presumption are common problems in our Indian household. A healthy discussion is essential for running a household, from managing finances to raising children. When this is missing, the other partner feels isolated and excluded, and couples grow apart. Miscommunication can be extremely damaging at times, even leading to divorce.

  1. Adultery

Infidelity is a common problem among couples. Both men and women cheat on their partners, which is unacceptable in a relationship. Adultery in a relationship destroys trust in the partner, and no relationship can survive without trust. Cheating in a relationship can and should result in divorce because there is no point in remaining with a partner who is not loyal and true to you.

  1. Dependency

Living with an alcoholic or drug addict can be difficult. Drugs make addicts violent, abusive, and difficult to handle. Arranged marriages often fail because the partners don’t know each other’s habits.

  1. Domestic Violence

This is a common problem for rural and urban Indian women. Some men treat their wives like property instead of their better halves. Domestic violence should not be tolerated, but women tolerate it up to a point before leaving the relationship.

Physical, mental, emotional, or verbal domestic violence should not be tolerated by anyone, male or female. If you are sorrowing from domestic violence, you should end the toxic connection because no one deserves such manners from a partner.

  1. Family Problems

In India, marriage is between two families, not two people.

The groom can avoid this family issue because he doesn’t live with his in-laws. A girl has trouble adjusting to her new family.

They don’t realize a woman can’t work and raise a family.

The in-laws expect a lot from the girl, which causes dissatisfaction and then fights.

In some cases, the couple moves, but if the husband is unsupportive and unable to balance his parents and wife, their relationship deteriorates. More fights, misunderstandings, and divorce can result.

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