Do You Want to Survive any Street Fight Just Like a Man?


Street Fight

Street battles are unpredictable, fast-paced, and potentially violent. A life-altering wound particularly in a street brawl is far more common than you might believe. In a street battle, it goes without saying that there are absolutely no rules.

That one individual with whom you are ready to start things may find himself supported by 2 or more accomplices willing to correct your attitude. Weapons may be used, replacing traditional fisticuffs.

For surviving a street fight you may consider joining MMAWhisperer to learn a few martial art techniques.

You must know before and we will begin with 3 “fight myths” that was circulating for years. They are right here:

  1. A black belt will wins

Certainly not. A skilled street fighter, or any plain man who knows a few simple unpleasant methods, may frequently defeat a dojo-trained fighter. A regular street brawl is far from artistic. On the streets, unlike in MMA match fighting or boxing, there are no regulations.

Your life will remain on the line. Your only goal must be to win the fight within a matter of seconds.

2. The five-minute fistfight

This is where Hollywood has gone wrong. According to statistics, the average street brawl lasts only 3 – 8 seconds. That means, you have a limited amount of time to notice what is going on and also take immediate action to win.

What you do in the 3 – 8 seconds is crucial. Here is an idea: If possible, strike first. According to studies, the individual who hits first frequently wins.

3. The suitable fighting environment

Dojo training can make you believe that you will always have enough room to fight. Your opponent will approach you quietly, bow, and ask if you are ready, as well as the fact that the ground remains always well cushioned. The truth is rather different.

Most fights take place in cramped spaces with little or even no room for any flying kicks or flashy techniques. There will be little or almost no light, furniture that will get in the way, and hard concrete floors that will rip the meat from your bones.

Few tips that you must know

  1. Don’t go for your opponent’s head if he has already his hands up and in a position of boxing. A clumsily executed kicking to his nut sack or leg would be significantly more effective. If he lets go of his hands, his neck and head become vulnerable targets.
  2. Always see the opponent as a collection of susceptible targets, and exploit the most vulnerable targets as rapidly as possible. Thinking about precise moves before hunting for a target is a novice mistake.
  3. Learn striking tactics for specific targets if you like to get really good, really fast. The throat, eyes, solar plexus, side of your neck, groin, inner knee, and outside thigh are also good targets.

If you like to get extremely good, really fast, learn particular striking methods for certain targets. The throat, eyes, solar plexus, side of your neck, groin, inner knee, and outer thigh are all nice places to aim for.

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