Ducted air conditioning maintenance: essential tips from the experts

Before you forget about setting the thermostat, STOP! Your condensing air conditioner has to be looked after.

Ducted air conditioners are expensive. If you spend thousands of dollars to install them, you must know what the maintenance costs for them. A missed step could cause serious problems in the future that could leave you sweating through the entire summer. This is not worth the risk. Here are some important tips from the experts to ensure your AC runs smoothly for many years.

Is air conditioning maintenance and repair necessary?

In short: YES! Poor air conditioner maintenance can lead to serious health problems and financial hardships.

You can ensure that your air conditioner runs efficiently by calling a trusted company to inspect and clean your system. You don’t need an air conditioning technician to visit your home when you are ready to change or clean your filters.

Cleaning or replacing filters

Even though replacing and cleaning filters is an essential part of maintenance, it is often forgotten or overlooked until the performance begins to drop. This can lead directly to other problems. The sooner you don’t do it, the more serious they can become.

Make sure your ducted system runs efficiently by cleaning your filters at a minimum every six months. Filters should be cleaned at least once a month, preferably in summer and then again when you turn on your heating in winter. In some systems, an alert may be displayed to let you know when it is time for you to clean your filters. Otherwise, you can inspect the filters yourself, and then wash them with warm soapy water.

Over time, dust and debris will restrict airflow. Your air conditioner will not produce the same results as you would like. Regular filter cleaning is essential to ensure your air conditioning unit runs efficiently and without interruption.

You can always talk to an expert to clarify any confusion or to help you locate your filters.

Tip- Make sure to only replace your filters with filters designed specifically for your model of ducted air con. Filters that are good for your family can prevent illness from particles and debris being inhaled into your home.

Relating to health and respiratory illness

Low immunity, asthma, or other respiratory diseases can make it even more critical to keep your filters clean. Dirty filters may build up over time, causing allergens to linger in the duct system for several months. Your air-con turns on and off, releasing the allergens into the air. This can lead to an allergic reaction or flare-up.

The risk of mold growing in warmer months and especially in summer is very high if your filters are not regularly cleaned. If your filters are blocked, you can create the ideal conditions for mold growth. Ingestion of these spores over time can pose a danger to the health of anyone living in the house. They can cause respiratory problems and nervous-system disorders as well as common allergic reactions.

Coils for air conditioners

You can find outdoor elements such as evaporator or air conditioner coils in your duct-air conditioning unit. They will build up dirt and dust over years, just as you might think. Even though filters are designed to stop coils from becoming soiled quickly, they should still be cleaned regularly to remove all dirt.

This task isn’t the most pleasant, but it is necessary for the smooth operation of your AC. If your conditioner is not maintained properly, it could become overheated and cause damage.

Tip- It recommends that the coils should be cleaned at most every six to twelve months. However, it is dependent on the location and environmental conditions. Reassess the situation once every six months.

When is it time to call in a professional?

It is easy to believe that your ducted conditioner is running as well as it should. Your unit’s efficiency will decrease gradually.

Just like your car and lawnmowers, your air conditioner also needs to be maintained well and serviced often. You can make your motor work harder if you don’t maintain the filters. This will eventually cause it to burn out. This often leads to extensive damage to other parts.

It is important to have your ducted AC conditioner checked by a professional once a YEAR to ensure it is operating at peak performance. Choose only Brisbane’s best ducted air conditioning specialist for Installation, Repairs, Servicing of Ducted and Spilt System Air Conditioners. They can inspect your ducts for potential problems and help you clean them. These repairs could save you big headaches in the future.


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