Effect of Wearing Different Colors on your Mood


Colors and emotions are closely linked to each other. Contrasting colors have their individual effect on attitude and mood. Salwar kameez suits well in contracting and matching coloring. Sometimes it is the brightness and shades of the color responsible for the price of a salwar kameez. The prime question here, how and why various colors stimulate opposite emotions and feelings in our attitude.

Relation between color and emotions:

The relationship between color and emotion can be analyzed by studying the effect of different colors on our moods. Colors can be cool or warm according to their tone, shade, and brightness.   

Now we are going to identify the color effect on our emotions:

Warm colors: 

Red, orange, and yellow are warm coloring due to closer wavelengths and shades. Warm colors are attached to happiness, energy, and a sense of optimism. Warm colors are an attention-grabbing effect on our attitude. In eastern culture, these colors are regarded as a symbol of happiness, as brides normally wear red clothing, while yellow dressing is normally used in the Mehndi function.

Cultural variation about the warm color is also changing in various cultures, for example, red can be identified as a symbol of prosperity in some cultures. Some may regard it as a symbol of danger and taking action. This is because we can see warm colors on signboards, traffic signals, and hazardous places.

Cool colors:

Cool colors are most abundant in nature like green, blue and purple. These colors create a sense of calmness and a sense of security in our inner. Watching out greenery for a longer period also has a soothing effect on your emotions. Blue is also abundant in nature like blue sky and blue oceans. Our senses are familiar with these coloring. These colors’ wavelengths are in the calming zone. 

The purple color is exotic in nature, you can say purple is an indication of sophistication and wisdom. It also carries a sense of mystery in it, Purple is the color of prosperity and snake of becoming indifferent from others.

Sad colors:

The dark and muted coloring are symbols of sadness in many cultures. Black color is seen to be a color of mourning and sorrow. Black, brown, and darkish brown colors reflect authority, power, and strength. You can also relate intelligence and power with the black coloring. 

These colors look absorbing and wearing darker coolers in winter can make you more warm and comfortable. The grey is neutral and timeless in its background. They can be combined with black to give a sense of pride in your personality.

Energetic colors:

Energizing colors include neon colors, bright colors. The bright red, and neon coloring can be animating and invigorating for our mind. We feel stimulation by watching these colors. Neon colors have a strong effect on our senses, sometimes they can be irritating. 

Strong colors have a revitalizing and energy-boosting effect on our senses like navy blue and magenta and emerald green. These colors are exotic and boost our emotional level.

Every color has its own effect on our senses, we should be careful while choosing and matching colors. Our cognitive senses automatically induce varying emotions related to various colors and shades.


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